Artificial intelligence (AI) policy: ASHRAE prohibits the entry of content from any ASHRAE publication or related ASHRAE intellectual property (IP) into any AI tool, including but not limited to ChatGPT. Additionally, creating derivative works of ASHRAE IP using AI is also prohibited without express written permission from ASHRAE.

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Guidelines For Use Of BACnet Logo

Companies and other commercial and non-commercial entities may use the BACnet® logo in technical literature, promotional literature and in displays under the following conditions:

1. The ® symbol appears with the logo.
2. The following statement appears with the logo: “BACnet® is a trademark of ASHRAE.”

The BACnet® logo may not appear on hardware or equipment or on other commercial products. No statement may be used with the BACnet® logo that states or implies that ASHRAE has endorsed, tested or certified software, hardware, equipment or commercial and/or proprietary services. Authorization for use of the BACnet® logo may be withdrawn by ASHRAE if at any time ASHRAE determines that use of the logo is detrimental to the interests of BACnet® and/or ASHRAE.

To request permission to use the BACnet® logo please contact:
ASHRAE Publications
Fax: 404-321-5478