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Advanced High-Performance Building Design: Key Concepts For Lifelong Building Sustainability

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Course Length: 3 hours

A key element to a successful high-performance building is the interactive, integrative and creative input of the design engineers. In addition to solid technical knowledge, the designer must also be willing to consider and weigh options and have the tools readily at hand to determine an optimal design solution. It is common for a design team to establish one system configuration and then proceed with the final documentation effort and never pause to consider alternatives, challenge the design team, or consider long term operational issues.

The creative approach can sometimes be uncomfortable as there exist traces of uncertainty during the design process and ambiguity replaces long-standing conventions – but only at the start. Once an optimal design is determined, agreed, and verified, then the push to final construction documents can proceed in a traditional manner.

This course is intended to stress that the creative process is critical to a successful building and that a designer must stay up to date with the ever-changing developments in our industry. Using the creative process as a theme to high-performance building design, this course introduces some of the latest ideas, tools, resources, and methods used to meet the demands of the changing building landscape. In addition, case studies and real-world examples are introduced.

Course Instructor

Jeff Ross-Bain, P.E., Member ASHRAE, LEED® Fellow

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