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District Cooling System Design (MENA)

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District Cooling System Design (MENA)

  • 16 Feb 2024
  • IEML, Greater Noida, Delhi NCR – India
    Friday, February 16, 2024

    This training is hosted by ASHRAE India Chapter. Click on the registration button to inquire about registrations.


Course Description

District cooling has the potential to provide a sustainable solution to meet cooling requirements in the Middle East. Apart from providing cooling needs, district cooling is more reliable, more energy efficient, and has less negative environmental impact in the region than standard approaches to air-conditioning.

To improve the design of district cooling systems (DCS), in 2019 ASHRAE published two practical guides to implement district cooling: District Cooling Guide, Second Edition and Owner’s Guide for Buildings Served by District Cooling. Each guide contains a wealth of information on system components and enhancements, troubleshooting problems, and the integration of components into district cooling systems for both designers and building owners.

With MENA countries likely to grow rapidly and urbanize further in coming decades, don’t miss your opportunity to learn from leading industry experts on the requirements of planning, designing, and operating district cooling systems.

This course presents practical guidance contained in two ASHRAE publications referenced above, ensuring that when designed and operated properly, DCS can be an energy-efficient alternative to conventional in-building chilled water plant adding to an owner’s sustainability portfolio and allowing the building owner to focus on their own business, rather than operating and maintaining a chilled water plant.

DCS can provide buildings subscribing to their service with chilled water for comfort and process cooling with the benefits to the building owner of greatly reduced or eliminated maintenance cost, much lower space requirements, and no concerns as to plant capacity or load growth. This 6-hour course covers what designers and owners need to know about district cooling to enable it to provide energy efficiencies and reliable operation.

Topics covered include Planning, Central Plant Design, Distribution System design, Building Interfaces, Thermal Energy Storage, and Operation and Maintenance. The instructors will take attendees through the guidance provided in the ASHRAE District Cooling Guide, Second Edition and the ASHRAE Owner’s Guide for Buildings Served by District Cooling, tools made available from ASHRAE to advance the successful applications and use of district cooling technology. 

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand the basic components of a District Cooling System (DCS) and how these components interact.   
  • Appreciate the complexity of the planning process for a DCS and the players that must be involved for success.
  • Grasp the fundamental processes and equipment of the DCS central plant and the basic options.
  • For the chilled water distribution systems, know the basic construction materials used for piping and appurtenances and their advantages and disadvantages.
  • Know the important factors that should be conveyed to building owners when considering DC to serve their buildings.
  • Understand the basic methods in which a building may interface with the DCS and the major components involved and how they are controlled.
  • For the HVAC equipment of the building, know what provisions must be made for a successful interface with the DCS.
  • Review how “Low ΔT” may come about and what can be done to correct it.
  • Understand the basics of Thermal Energy Storage (TES) for DCS.
  • Appreciate the O&M basics for DCS.

Course Instructor:


India Expo Centre & Mart (IEML), Plot No. 23 –25 & 27- 29 Knowledge Park - II Gautam Budh Nagar uttar Pradesh 201306 India


Registrations are done through ASHRAE India Chapter.

To inquire about registration fees and registration process, contact Kanagaraj Ganesan, kanagaraj@ids-pl.com.