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Emerging Trends and Sustainable Design in Refrigeration and Cold Chain (MENA)

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Course Description

Refrigeration and the cold chain are part of a growing, worldwide industry. There is a need for facilities to be designed with energy-efficient and sustainable technologies to ensure proper storage while minimizing harm to the environment. This course provides insight into the fields of refrigeration and the cold chain, including recent trends and the sustainable aspects of design.

First, the course will look at the basics of refrigeration, as well as types of refrigerants and their use. Industry trends related to topics like thermal insulation, low-charge ammonia systems, material handling, and automation will be discussed.

Next, the course will introduce the cold chain, including various types of cold-chain routes paired with descriptions, photographs, diagrams, and illustrations. Concepts important to the sustainable design of cold-chain facilities will be covered, including building layout, thermal insulation, energy-efficient refrigeration systems, heat recovery systems, water recycling, and renewable energy systems.

Course Instructor

Harshal Surange, Member ASHRAE

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