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ASHRAE Certification Code of Ethics

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ASHRAE Certification Code of Ethics 
Certification applicants must agree to uphold and abide by a Code of Ethics, the tenets of which are set forth as follows:

  1. Exercise a reasonable industry standard of care in the performance of professional duties.
  2. Perform professional duties with trust, integrity, and honesty.
  3. Hold paramount the health and safety of the public in the performance of professional duties.
  4. Work in a manner consistent with all applicable laws and regulations; demonstrate integrity, honesty, and fairness in all activities; and strive for excellence in all matters of ethical conduct.
  5. Act with integrity in any relationship that involves an employer or client and disclose fully to an affected employer or client any conflicts-of-interest resulting from business affiliations or personal interests.
  6. Represent qualifications accurately and honestly.
  7. Offer products and services only in areas where competence and expertise will satisfy the client and public need.
  8. Agree to comply with and uphold all policies, procedures, guidelines, and requirements of the certification program; use the designation as authorized and only in the approved manner; acknowledge that the certificate and marks are the property of their respective owners; and return the certificate and discontinue use of the designation and marks when required to do so.
  9. Accept responsibility for maintaining the credential through recertification and continuously uphold the Code of Ethics.
  10. Voluntarily and immediately report any felony convictions or other legal dispositions that would constitute violations of this Code of Ethics that have not already been disclosed, regardless of when they occurred, and report any conditions that prohibit fulfillment of duties as set forth in the competency requirements.