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Artorius M. Reyes, Member ASHRAE

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ASHRAE Course Instructor

Artorius M. Reyes, Member ASHRAE


    Artorius M. Reyes, Member ASHRAE, is the Director of Business Development for Trane New York. He resides within the firm’s Commercial HVAC Sector and works closely with the Comprehensive Solutions, HVAC Systems, and Services groups to help develop fully integrated HVAC solutions for large complex commercial projects. Mr. Reyes works primarily with Engineers and Property Owners. His expertise revolves around Chilled Water Plants, Chilled Water VAV Systems, and Custom Air Handling Systems.

    Mr. Reyes joined Trane in 2009 as a Sales Engineer. He held that role for 8 years before transitioning to lead Business Development in NYC. Mr. Reyes holds a BS in Architectural Engineering Technology and a BSBA in Business Management from The University of Hartford.

    Mr. Reyes is President-Elect for ASHRAE NY, a Regional Vice-Chair of the ASHRAE Government Affairs Committee, a long-standing member of New York Building Congress and a member of the Association of Medical Facility Professionals.

    Courses Taught:

    3 Hours: Fundamentals of Decarbonization Design Systems and Equipment Applications