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Jack Glass, Member ASHRAE

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ASHRAE Course Instructor

Jack Glass, Member ASHRAE


    Jack Glass was the director of Global Data Center Planning with Citigroup in New York City. He has over 20 years of experience in the planning and operation of technology environments supporting the financial industry. 

    In his role in the Citi Technology Infrastructure organization, he worked on data center planning to serve as a bridge between IT and corporate real estate. Glass led the design of five new data centers brought on-line in three global regions, facilitating the consolidation of 68 sites to 21 as part of a multiyear strategy. He delivered numerous internal and external seminars on data center energy opportunities. While at Citi, he improved data center energy performance through design and operation.  

    Glass received his mechanical engineering degree from Kettering University (formerly GMI).  He is a professional engineer and a long-time member of ASHRAE. Glass is a past Chair of ASHRAE Technical Committee 9.9, Mission Critical Facilities, Data Centers, Technology Spaces and Electronic Equipment. He was also a member of ASHRAE Project Committee, 90.4, which developed the new energy standard for data centers.  

    Glass has contributed to the publication of several books in the ASHRAE Datacom series and led the development of the book Green Tips for Data Centers. He is currently serving on the ASHRAE Publications Committee.

    Courses Taught

    3 Hour

    Data Center Energy Efficiency

    Changing Environments and Loads for Data Centers (High Density, Liquid Cooling, Edge Computing) - (formerly “IT Equipment Design Evolution & Data Center Design Operation Optimization”)