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Jocelyn Léger, P.Eng., CEM, LEED® AP

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ASHRAE Course Instructor

Jocelyn Léger, P.Eng., CEM, LEED® AP


    Jocelyn Léger is a Commercial Sales Manager - HVAC Division, at MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC SALES CANADA INC. He has 7 years of experience in the Mechanical Contracting side and 17 years as an equipment specialist on the HVAC Design & Manufacturing side. Having a Certified Energy Manager (CEM) and LEED® AP titles, he is very interested and passionate about VRF, efficient HVAC designs & equipment, Green and Net Zero Energy Buildings, Sustainable development and Energy Modeling. He is also following ASHRAE (Atlanta) Technical Committee TC8.7 which is dedicated to VRF technology advancements.

    Course Taught

    3 hour

    Variable Refrigerant Flow System Design & Application