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Lew Harriman, Fellow ASHRAE

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ASHRAE Course Instructor

Lew Harriman, Fellow ASHRAE


    Lew Harriman is the Director of Research & Consulting at Mason-Grant in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. He is a Fellow of ASHRAE, and has 39 years of experience with humidity control systems in a broad variety of commercial, industrial and institutional applications. 

    Lew was the lead author of both ASHRAE's Humidity Control Design Guide and the ASHRAE Guide for Buildings in Hot & Humid Climates. He is currently Chair of ASHRAE Task Group for developing a quantitative definition of a “Damp Building” (one which is damp enough to pose a health risk). He was also the lead author for the new Chapter 62 of the 2015 ASHRAE Handbook-Applications (Moisture Management in Buildings). Lew's work has been selected for the ASHRAE Journal's 'Best Paper' award twice and he has taught humidity control to more than 5,000 technical professionals in North America, Asia, Europe and the Caribbean in the last 10 years. 

    Courses Taught

    6 Hour

    Humidity Control I and II: Tips for HVAC Design and Practical Solutions to Existing Problems

    3 Hour

    Humidity Control I: Design Tips and Traps

    Humidity Control II: Real-World Problems and Solutions