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Thomas Leck, Ph.D., Member ASHRAE

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ASHRAE Course Instructor

Thomas Leck, Ph.D., Member ASHRAE


    Dr. Thomas Leck is a chemist who spent the majority of his working career with the DuPont and Chemours companies. At DuPont he supported the transition from CFC and HCFC refrigerants to non -zone depleting HFCs. Later he helped developed the low global warming refrigerant class of HFO based molecules for refrigerant use. His research in refrigerant related technologies included lubricant evaluation and qualifications, material compatibility determinations, chemical and thermal stability studies, and flammability measurements. During his 36 years at DuPont and Chemours he worked in fluoropolymers, nylon intermediates process development, chemical catalysis, coatings development and manufacture, but mostly in refrigerant related technologies. He has earned 47 U.S. Patents during that career. His post graduate studies at the University of Illinois and the University of Colorado included measurements of chemical reaction rates related to the issue of stratospheric ozone depletion by chlorinated refrigerants and their break down products.

    Course Taught

    3 hour

    New ASHRAE-Classified Refrigerants To Meet Society’s Changing Needs