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ASHRAE Membership

ASHRAE membership is open to any person associated with heating, ventilation, air conditioning or refrigeration. ASHRAE is unique because its membership is drawn from a wide range of disciplines relating to the HVAC&R field. Over 55,000 individuals from more than 100 nations belong to the Society.

Discounts on Publications

ASHRAE members earn 15% off publications. Hundreds of titles are available including the complete collection of ASHRAE Standards including 90.1, 62.1 and 189.1.
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Develop Leadership Skills

When you join ASHRAE, you are making an investment in yourself. When you become active in the Society by giving your time and sharing your knowledge, you get even more out of that investment.

Network with Industry Professionals

Each month, all over the world, ASHRAE chapters convene for an informational program featuring a speaker or topic that is key to professionals in the industry. Meet with your peers and share ideas.
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Society Groups

List of ASHRAE Chapters and Homepages

*Sections of chapters can be seen under the main listing to which they belong.

Chapter Name: Akron/Canton

Geographical Location: Akron, OH
Chapter Number: 090
Region: V
Website: http://www.ashraeakroncanton.org/

Chapter Name: Alamo

Geographical Location: San Antonio, TX
Chapter Number: 065
Region: VIII
Website: http://www.alamoashrae.org/

Chapter Name: Alaska

Geographical Location: Anchorage, AK
Chapter Number: 122
Region: XI

Chapter Name: Anthracite

Geographical Location: Wilkes Barre, PA
Chapter Number: 134
Region: III
Website: http://anthracite.ashraechapters.org/

Chapter Name: Argentina

Geographical Location: Buenos Aires, Argentina
Chapter Number: 178
Region: XII
Website: http://argentina.ashraechapters.org/

Chapter Name: Arkansas

Geographical Location: Little Rock, AR
Chapter Number: 062
Region: VIII
Website: http://www.arkansasashrae.org/

Chapter Name: ASHRAE Bangalore

Geographical Location: Bangalore, India
Chapter Number: 169
Region: RAL


Chapter Name: ASHRAE Deccan

Geographical Location: Hyderabad, India
Chapter Number: 191
Region: RAL

Chapter Name: ASHRAE Falcon

Geographical Location: Dubai, UAE
Chapter Number: 175
Region: RAL
Website: http://www.ashraeuae.org/

Chapter Name: ASHRAE Mumbai Chapter

Geographical Location: Mumbai, India
Chapter Number: 188
Region: RAL

Chapter Name: ASHRAE Nigeria Chapter

Geographical Location: Lagos, Nigeria
Chapter Number: 187
Region: RAL

Chapter Name: Atlanta

Geographical Location: Atlanta, GA
Chapter Number: 032
Region: IV
Website: http://www.ashraeatlanta.org/

Chapter Name: Austin

Geographical Location: Austin, TX
Chapter Number: 066
Region: VIII
Website: http://austin.ashraechapters.org

Chapter Name: Bahrain

Geographical Location: Manama, Bahrain
Chapter Number: 181
Region: RAL

Chapter Name: Baltimore

Geographical Location: Baltimore, MD
Chapter Number: 025
Region: III
Website: http://www.ashrae-balto.org/

Chapter Name: Bangladesh

Geographical Location: Dhaka, Bangladesh
Chapter Number: 197
Region: Region-at-Large

Chapter Name: Baton Rouge

Geographical Location: Baton Rouge, LA
Chapter Number: 060
Region: VII
Website: http://www.ashraeregion7.org/batonrouge/

Chapter Name: Bi-State

Geographical Location: White Plains, NY
Chapter Number: 146
Region: I
Website: http://www.ashraebistate.org/

Chapter Name: Big Sky

Geographical Location: Billings, MT
Chapter Number: 131
Region: IX
Website: http://www.bigskyashrae.org/

Chapter Name: Birmingham

Geographical Location: Birmingham, AL
Chapter Number: 057
Region: VII
Website: http://www.birminghamashrae.com/

Chapter Name: Black Hills Area

Geographical Location: Rapid City, SD
Chapter Number: 127
Region: IX
Website: http://www.blackhillsashrae.org/

Chapter Name: Bluegrass

Geographical Location: Lexington, KY
Chapter Number: 128
Region: VII
Website: http://www.bluegrassashrae.org

Chapter Name: Boston

Geographical Location: Boston, MA
Chapter Number: 001
Region: I
Website: https://ashraeboston30.wildapricot.org/

Chapter Name: Brasil

Geographical Location: São Paulo
Chapter Number: 172
Region: Region XII
Website: http://brasil.ashraechapters.org/

Chapter Name: British Columbia

Geographical Location: Vancouver, BC
Chapter Number: 020
Region: XI
Website: http://www.ashrae.bc.ca/

Chapter Name: Cairo

Geographical Location: Cairo, Egypt
Chapter Number: 161
Region: RAL
Website: http://ashraecairo.org/

Chapter Name: Cedar Valley

Geographical Location: Cedar Rapids, IA
Chapter Number: 159
Region: VI
Website: http://cedarvalleyashrae.org/


Chapter Name: Central Arizona

Geographical Location: Phoenix, AZ
Chapter Number: 086
Region: X
Website: http://centralaz.ashraechapters.org/

Chapter Name: Central Florida

Geographical Location: Orlando, FL
Chapter Number: 094
Region: XII

Chapter Name: Central Illinois

Geographical Location: Peoria, IL
Chapter Number: 050
Region: VI
Website: http://ciashrae.org

Chapter Name: Central Indiana

Geographical Location: Indianapolis, IN
Chapter Number: 043
Region: V
Website: http://www.indyashrae.org/

Chapter Name: Central New York

Geographical Location: Syracuse, NY
Chapter Number: 010
Region: I
Website: http://ashraecny.org/

Chapter Name: Central Oklahoma

Geographical Location: Oklahoma City, OK
Chapter Number: 068
Region: VIII
Website: http://www.ashraecok.org/

Chapter Name: Central Pakistan

Geographical Location: Lahore, Pakistan
Chapter Number: 189
Region: RAL
Website: http://www.ashrae.org.pk

Chapter Name: Central Pennsylvania

Geographical Location: York, PA
Chapter Number: 022
Region: III
Website: http://cenpenn.ashraechapters.org/

Chapter Name: Champlain Valley

Geographical Location: Burlington, VT
Chapter Number: 111
Region: I
Website: http://www.ashraevt.org/

Chapter Name: Charleston

Geographical Location: Charleston, SC
Chapter Number: 113
Region: IV
Website: https://charlestonashraechapter.wildapricot.org/

Chapter Name: Chennai

Geographical Location: India (State of Tamil, Nadu and the Union Territory of Pondicherry)
Chapter Number: 185
Region: RAL

Chapter Name: Chile

Geographical Location: Santiago, Chile
Chapter Number: 196
Region: XII

Chapter Name: Cincinnati

Geographical Location: Cincinnati, OH
Chapter Number: 040
Region: V
Website: http://www.cincinnatiashrae.org/

Chapter Name: Cleveland

Geographical Location: Cleveland, OH
Chapter Number: 038
Region: V
Website: http://www.clevelandashrae.com/

Chapter Name: Colombia

Geographical Location: Bogota, Colombia, South America
Chapter Number: 190
Region: XII
Website: http://colombia.ashraechapters.org/

Chapter Name: Columbus

Geographical Location: Columbus, OH
Chapter Number: 039
Region: V
Website: http://www.ashraecolumbus.org/

Chapter Name: Connecticut

Geographical Location: Hartford, CT
Chapter Number: 004
Region: I
Website: http://www.ctashrae.org/

Chapter Name: Dallas

Geographical Location: Dallas, TX
Chapter Number: 067
Region: VIII
Website: http://www.dallas-ashrae.org/

Chapter Name: Danube Chapter

Geographical Location: Timisoara, Romania
Chapter Number: 176
Region: RAL
Website: http://danubeashraechapter.org/

Chapter Name: Dayton

Geographical Location: Dayton, OH
Chapter Number: 041
Region: V
Website: http://www.daytonashrae.org/

Chapter Name: Detroit

Geographical Location: Detroit, MI
Chapter Number: 045
Region: V
Website: http://www.detroitashrae.org/

Chapter Name: East Tennessee

Geographical Location: Knoxville, TN
Chapter Number: 099
Region: VII
Website: http://www.etnashrae.org/

Chapter Name: East Texas

Geographical Location: Tyler, TX
Chapter Number: 091
Region: VIII


Chapter Name: Eastern Michigan

Geographical Location: Flint, MI
Chapter Number: 121
Region: V
Website: http://www.emiashrae.org

Chapter Name: Ecuador

Geographical Location: Ecuador
Chapter Number: 199
Region: XII

Chapter Name: El Paso

Geographical Location: El Paso, TX
Chapter Number: 072
Region: IX
Website: http://elpasoashrae.com/

Chapter Name: Evansville

Geographical Location: Evansville, IN
Chapter Number: 044
Region: V
Website: http://www.evansvilleashrae.org/

Chapter Name: Florida West Coast

Geographical Location: Tampa, FL
Chapter Number: 035
Region: XII
Website: http://www.ashrae-fwc.org/

Chapter Name: Fort Wayne

Geographical Location: Ft. Wayne, IN
Chapter Number: 120
Region: V
Website: http://www.fortwayneashrae.org/

Chapter Name: Fort Worth

Geographical Location: Ft Worth, TX
Chapter Number: 070
Region: VIII
Website: http://www.ashrae-ftw.org/

Chapter Name: Gold Coast

Geographical Location: Ft. Lauderdale, FL
Chapter Number: 104
Region: XII

Chapter Name: Golden Gate

Geographical Location: San Francisco, CA
Chapter Number: 082
Region: X
Website: http://www.ggashrae.org/

Chapter Name: Golden Gate - Redwood Empire Section
Geographical Location: Napa, California
Chapter Number: 082
Region: X
Website: http://www.reashrae.org/

Chapter Name: Granite State

Geographical Location: Manchester, NH
Chapter Number: 152
Region: I
Website: http://www.nhashrae.org

Chapter Name: Greenville

Geographical Location: Greenville, SC
Chapter Number: 097
Region: IV
Website: http://www.ashrae4greenville.com/

Chapter Name: Guadalajara

Geographical Location: Guadalajara, Mexico
Chapter Number: 173
Region: VIII
Website: http://www.ashraegdl.org

Chapter Name: Halifax

Geographical Location: Halifax, NS
Chapter Number: 100
Region: II
Website: https://sites.google.com/site/ashraehalifax/

Chapter Name: Hamilton

Geographical Location: Hamilton, ON
Chapter Number: 037
Region: II
Website: http://www.ashraehamilton.com/

Chapter Name: Hampton Roads

Geographical Location: Norfolk, VA
Chapter Number: 027
Region: III
Website: http://hamptonroads.ashraechapters.org/

Chapter Name: Hawaii

Geographical Location: Honolulu, HI
Chapter Number: 108
Region: X 
Website: http://www.ashraehawaiichapter.info/

Chapter Name: Hellenic

Geographical Location: Athens, Greece
Chapter Number: 168
Region: RAL
Website: www.ashrae.gr

Chapter Name: Hong Kong

Geographical Location: Hong Kong
Chapter Number: 143
Region: XIII
Website: http://www.ashrae.org.hk

Chapter Name: Houston

Geographical Location: Houston, TX
Chapter Number: 064
Region: VIII
Website: http://www.ashraehouston.org/

Chapter Name: Idaho

Geographical Location: Boise, ID
Chapter Number: 135
Region: IX
Website: http://www.idahoashrae.com

Chapter Name: Illinois

Geographical Location: Chicago, IL
Chapter Number: 049
Region: VI
Website: http://www.illinoisashrae.org/

Chapter Name: India

Geographical Location: New Delhi, India
Chapter Number: 158
Region: RAL
Website: www.ashraeindia.org

Chapter Name: Indonesia

Geographical Location: Jakarta, Indonesia
Chapter Number: 183
Region: XIII
Website: http://www.ashrae.or.id

Chapter Name: Inland Empire

Geographical Location: Spokane, WA
Chapter Number: 078
Region: XI
Website: http://www.ie-ashrae.org/

Chapter Name: Iowa

Geographical Location: Des Moines, IA
Chapter Number: 051
Region: VI
Website: http://ashraeiowa.org/

Chapter Name: Jacksonville

Geographical Location: Jacksonville, FL
Chapter Number: 034
Region: XII
Website: http://ashraejax.org/index.php


Chapter Name: Japan

Geographical Location: Tokyo, Japan
Chapter Number: 194
Region: XIII
Website: http://www.ashrae.jp/


Chapter Name: Johnstown

Geographical Location: Johnstown, PA
Chapter Number: 023
Region: III
Website: http://www.johnstown.ashraechapters.org/

Chapter Name: Kansas City

Geographical Location: Kansas City, MO
Chapter Number: 053
Region: IX
Website: http://kcashrae.org/

Chapter Name: Kuwait

Geographical Location: Kuwait City, Kuwait
Chapter Number: 164
Region: RAL

Chapter Name: La Crosse Area

Geographical Location: La Crosse, WI
Chapter Number: 115
Region: VI
Website: http://www.ashraelacrosse.org/

Chapter Name: Lebanese

Geographical Location: Beirut, Lebanon
Chapter Number: 162
Region: RAL
Website: http://lebanese.ashraechapters.org/

Chapter Name: Lehigh Valley

Geographical Location: Allentown, PA
Chapter Number: 098
Region: III
Website: http://lv.ashraechapters.org/

Chapter Name: London

Geographical Location: London, ON
Chapter Number: 116
Region: II
Website: http://londoncanada.ashraechapters.org/

Chapter Name: Long Island

Geographical Location: Garden City, NY
Chapter Number: 006
Region: I
Website: http://www.ashraeli.org/

Chapter Name: Louisville

Geographical Location: Louisville, KY
Chapter Number: 055
Region: VII
Website: http://www.louisvilleashrae.com/

Chapter Name: Macao

Geographical Location: Macao, China
Chapter Number: 095
Region: XIII

Chapter Name: Madison

Geographical Location: Madison, WI
Chapter Number: 095
Region: VI
Website: http://www.ashraemadison.org/

Chapter Name: Maine

Geographical Location: Lewiston, ME
Chapter Number: 118
Region: I
Website: http://www.ashraemaine.org/

Chapter Name: Malaysia

Geographical Location: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Chapter Number: 149
Region: XIII
Website: http://www.ashrae.org.my/

Chapter Name: Manitoba

Geographical Location: Winnipeg, MB
Chapter Number: 017
Region: XI
Website: http://www.ashraemanitoba.ca/

Chapter Name: Memphis

Geographical Location: Memphis, TN
Chapter Number: 056
Region: VII
Website: http://www.ashraememphis.org/

Chapter Name: Mexico City

Geographical Location: Mexico City, Mexico
Chapter Number: 165
Region: VIII
Website: http://www.ashraemx.org/

Chapter Name: Miami

Geographical Location: Miami, FL
Chapter Number: 036
Region: XII
Website: www.ashraemiami.com/


Chapter Name: Mid-Columbia

Geographical Location: Richland, WA
Chapter Number: 136
Region: XI
Website: http://www.midcolumbia.ashraechapters.org/

Chapter Name: Minnesota

Geographical Location: Minneapolis, MN
Chapter Number: 052
Region: VI
Website: http://www.mnashrae.org/

Chapter Name: Minnesota - Rochester Section
Geographical Location: Rochester, MN
Chapter Number: 052
Region: VI
Website: http://mnashrae.org/content.php?page=Rochester_Region

Chapter Name: Mississippi

Geographical Location: Jackson, MS
Chapter Number: 061
Region: VII
Website: http://www.ashraeregion7.org/mississippi/

Chapter Name: Mississippi Valley

Geographical Location: Davenport, IA
Chapter Number: 123
Region: VI
Website: http://www.mississippivalleyashrae.org/

Chapter Name: Mobile

Geographical Location: Mobile, AL
Chapter Number: 058
Region: VII
Website: http://mobileashrae.weebly.com/

Chapter Name: Monterrey

Geographical Location: Monterrey, Mexico
Chapter Number: 166
Region: VIII
Website: http://www.ashraemonterrey.org/

Chapter Name: Montreal

Geographical Location: Montreal, PQ
Chapter Number: 014
Region: II
Website: www.ashraemontreal.org

Chapter Name: Mumbai

 Geographical Location: Mumbai, India
Chapter Number: 188
Region: AL
Website: www.ashraemumbai.org

Chapter Name: NB/PEI

Geographical Location: Moncton, NB
Chapter Number: 117
Region: II
Website: http://www.ashraenbpei.com/

Chapter Name: Nashville

Geographical Location: Nashville, TN
Chapter Number: 088
Region: VII
Website: http://www.nashvilleashrae.org/

Chapter Name: National Capital

Geographical Location: Washington, DC
Chapter Number: 026
Region: III
Website: http://www.nccashrae.org/

Chapter Name: Nebraska

Geographical Location: Omaha, NE
Chapter Number: 075
Region: IX
Website: http://www.neashrae.org/

Chapter Name: New Jersey

Geographical Location: Newark, NJ
Chapter Number: 007
Region: I
Website: http://www.njashrae.com/

Chapter Name: New Mexico

Geographical Location: Albuquerque, NM
Chapter Number: 077
Region: IX
Website: http://www.newmexicoashrae.org/

Chapter Name: New Orleans

Geographical Location: New Orleans, LA
Chapter Number: 059
Region: VII
Website: http://www.ashraenola.com/

Chapter Name: New York

Geographical Location: New York, NY
Chapter Number: 008
Region: I
Website: http://ashraeny.org/

Chapter Name: Niagara Frontier

Geographical Location: Buffalo,NY
Chapter Number: 012
Region: I
Website: https://sites.google.com/site/ashraeniagarafrontierchapter/

Chapter Name: North Alabama

Geographical Location: Huntsville, AL
Chapter Number: 133
Region: VII
Website: http://www.ashraeregion7.org/northalabama/

Chapter Name: North Piedmont

Geographical Location: Greensboro, NC
Chapter Number: 029
Region: IV
Website: http://www.northpiedmont.org/

Chapter Name: Northeast

Geographical Location: Albany, NY
Chapter Number: 009
Region: I
Website: http://northeast.ashraechapters.org/

Chapter Name: Northeast Wisconsin

Geographical Location: Green Bay, WI
Chapter Number: 107
Region: VI
Website: http://www.newisconsinashrae.org/

Chapter Name: Northeastern Oklahoma

Geographical Location: Tulsa, OK
Chapter Number: 069
Region: VIII
Website: http://www.ashrae-neok.org/

Chapter Name: Northern Alberta

Geographical Location: Edmondton, AB
Chapter Number: 019
Region: XI
Website: http://www.ashraenac.org/ 

Chapter Name: Northern Indiana

Geographical Location: Elkhart-South Bend, IN
Chapter Number: 103
Region: V
Website: http://www.noindashrae.org

Chapter Name: Northern Nevada

Geographical Location: Reno, NV
Chapter Number: 126
Region: X
Website: http://www.nonevashrae.org/

Chapter Name: Northern Pakistan

Geographical Location: Islamabad, Pakistan
Chapter Number: 179
Region: RAL
Website: http://www.ashraenpc.org.pk

Chapter Name: Northwest Florida

Geographical Location: Pensacola, FL
Chapter Number: 130
Region: VII
Website: http://www.ashraeregion7.org/northwestflorida/

Chapter Name: Orange Empire

Geographical Location: Anaheim, CA
Chapter Number: 105
Region: X
Website: http://www.oeashrae.org/

Chapter Name: Oregon

Geographical Location: Portland, OR
Chapter Number: 080
Region: XI
Website: http://www.orashrae.org/

Chapter Name: Ottawa Valley

Geographical Location: Ottawa, ON
Chapter Number: 015
Region: II
Website: http://www.ashrae.ottawa.on.ca/

Chapter Name: Ozarks

Geographical Location: Springfield, MO
Chapter Number: 150
Region: IX
Website: http://www.ozarksashrae.org/

Chapter Name: Pakistan

Geographical Location: Karachi, Pakistan
Chapter Number: 174
Region: RAL
Website: http://pakistan.ashraechapters.org


Chapter Name: Philadelphia

Geographical Location: Philadelphia, PA
Chapter Number: 021
Region: III
Website: http://ashraephilly.org/

Chapter Name: Philippines

Geographical Location: Manila, Philippines
Chapter Number: 167
Region: XIII
Website: http://philippines.ashraechapters.org/

Chapter Name: Pikes Peak

Geographical Location: Colorado Springs, CO
Chapter Number: 148
Region: IX
Website: http://www.pikespeakashrae.com/

Chapter Name: Pittsburgh

Geographical Location: Pittsburgh, PA
Chapter Number: 024
Region: III
Website: http://ashraepittsburgh.org/

Chapter Name: Portugal

Geographical Location: Lisbon, Portugal
Chapter Number: 177
Region: RAL

Chapter Name: Puerto Rico

Geographical Location: San Juan, PR
Chapter Number: 110
Region: XII

Chapter Name: Puget Sound

Geographical Location: Seattle, WA
Chapter Number: 079
Region: XI
Website: http://www.pugetsoundashrae.org

Chapter Name: Pune Chapter

Geographical location: Pune, India
Chapter number: 186
Region: Region-At-Large
Website: http://www.ashraepunechapter.org/

Chapter Name: Qatar Oryx

Geographical location: Doha, Qatar
Chapter number: 184
Region: Region-At-Large
Website: http://www.ashraeqatar.org

Chapter Name: Quebec

Geographical Location: La Ville de Quebec, PQ
Chapter Number: 013
Region: II
Website: http://www.ashraequebec.org/

Chapter Name: Regina

Geographical Location: Regina, SK
Chapter Number: 096
Region: XI
Website: http://regina.ashraechapters.org/ 

Chapter Name: Rhode Island

Geographical Location: Providence, RI
Chapter Number: 003
Region: I

Chapter Name: Richmond

Geographical Location: Richmond, VA
Chapter Number: 028
Region: III
Website: http://www.richmond.ashraechapters.org/

Chapter Name: Roanoke

Geographical Location: Roanoke, VA
Chapter Number: 125
Region: III
Website: http://ashraeroanoke.org/

Chapter Name: Rochester

Geographical Location: Rochester, NY
Chapter Number: 011
Region: I
Website: http://rochester.ashraechapters.org/

Chapter Name: Rocky Mountain

Geographical Location: Denver, CO
Chapter Number: 073
Region: IX
Website: http://www.rockymtnashrae.com/

Chapter Name: Sacramento Valley

Geographical Location: Sacramento, CA
Chapter Number: 081
Region: X
Website: http://sacval.ashraechapters.org/

Chapter Name: San Diego

Geographical Location: San Diego, CA
Chapter Number: 085
Region: X
Website: http://www.ashraesd.org/

Chapter Name: San Joaquin

Geographical Location: Fresno, CA
Chapter Number: 083
Region: X
Website: http://www.sjvashrae.org/

Chapter Name: San Jose

Geographical Location: San Jose, CA
Chapter Number: 101
Region: X
Website: http://www.sanjoseashrae.org/

Chapter Name: Saskatoon

Geographical Location: Saskatoon, SK
Chapter Number: 102
Region: XI
Website: http://saskatoon.ashraechapters.org/

Chapter Name: Saudi Arabia

Geographical Location: Dhahran, Saudi Arabia
Chapter Number: 160
Region: RAL

Chapter Name: Shreveport

Geographical Location: Shreveport, LA
Chapter Number: 063
Region: VIII
Website: http://www.shreveportashrae.com/

Chapter Name: Sierra Delta

Geographical Location: Stockton, CA
Chapter Number: 144
Region: X

Chapter Name: Singapore

Geographical Location: Singapore
Chapter Number: 142
Region: XIII
Website: http://www.ashrae.org.sg

Chapter Name: South Carolina

Geographical Location: Columbia, SC
Chapter Number: 031
Region: IV
Website: http://southcarolina.ashraechapters.org/

Chapter Name: South Dakota

Geographical Location: Sioux Falls, SD
Chapter Number: 093
Region: IX
Website: http://www.sdashrae.org/

Chapter Name: South Korea

Geographical Location: Seoul, South Korea
Chapter Number: 195
Region: XIII
Website: http://www.ashrae.or.kr

Chapter Name: South Texas

Geographical Location: Corpus Christi, TX
Chapter Number: 154
Region: VIII

Chapter Name: Southern Alberta

Geographical Location: Calgary, AB
Chapter Number: 018
Region: XI
Website: http://www.sac-ashrae.com/

Chapter Name: Southern California

Geographical Location: Los Angeles, CA
Chapter Number: 084
Region: X
Website: http://www.ashrae-socal.org/

Chapter Name: Southern California - Western Section
Geographical Location: Santa Barbara, CA
Chapter Number: 084
Region: X

Chapter Name: Southern Nevada

Geographical Location: Las Vegas, NV
Chapter Number: 092
Region: X
Website: http://www.ashraesn.com/

Chapter Name: Southern Piedmont

Geographical Location: Charlotte, NC
Chapter Number: 030
Region: IV
Website: http://www.spashrae.com/

Chapter Name: Southwest Florida

Geographical Location: Ft Myers, FL
Chapter Number: 139
Region: XII
Website: http://www.swflashrae.org/

Chapter Name: Spacecoast

Geographical Location: Cocoa Beach, FL
Chapter Number: 109
Region: XII
Website: http://www.spacecoastashrae.org/

Chapter Name: Spain

Geographical Location: Madrid, Spain
Chapter Number: 182
Region: RAL
Website: http://spain-ashrae.org/serendipity/

Chapter Name: Sri Lankan

Geographical Location: Colombo, Sri Lanka
Chapter Number: 171
Region: RAL
Website: http://www.ashraesl.org

Chapter Name: St. Louis

Geographical Location: St. Louis, MO
Chapter Number: 054
Region: VI
Website: http://ashrae-stl.org/


Chapter Name: Taiwan

Geographical Location: Taipei, Taiwan
Chapter Number: 157
Region: XIII
Website: http://www.ashrae.org.tw/

Chapter Name: Tennessee Valley

Geographical Location: Chattanooga, TN
Chapter Number: 114
Region: VII
Website: http://www.ashraeregion7.org/tennesseevalley/

Chapter Name: Thailand

Geographical Location: Bangkok, Thailand
Chapter Number: 170
Region: XIII
Website: http://www.ashraethailand.org/

Chapter Name: Toledo

Geographical Location: Toledo, OH
Chapter Number: 042
Region: V
Website: http://www.toledoashrae.org

Chapter Name: Toronto

Geographical Location: Toronto, ON
Chapter Number: 016
Region: II
Website: http://www.torontoashrae.com/

Chapter Name: Tri-County

Geographical Location: Redlands, CA
Chapter Number: 155
Region: X

Chapter Name: Triangle

Geographical Location: Raleigh-Durham, NC
Chapter Number: 106
Region: IV
Website: http://www.triangleashrae.com/

Chapter Name: Tucson

Geographical Location: Tuscon, AZ
Chapter Number: 087
Region: X
Website: http://www.ashraetucson.org/

Chapter Name: Turkish

Geographical Location: Istanbul, Turkey
Chapter Number: 193
Region: RAL

Chapter Name: Twin Tiers

Geographical Location: Owego, NY
Chapter Number: 129
Region: I
Website: http://twintiers.ashraechapters.org/

Chapter Name: Utah

Geographical Location: Salt Lake City, UT
Chapter Number: 074
Region: IX
Website: http://www.utahashrae.org/

Chapter Name: Vancouver Island

Geographical Location: Victoria, BC
Chapter Number: 145
Region: XI
Website: http://www.ashrae.bc.ca/

Chapter Name: West Texas

Geographical Location: Lubbock, TX
Chapter Number: 071
Region: VIII

Chapter Name: West Virginia

Geographical Location: Charleston, WV
Chapter No: 192
Region: VII
Website: http://www.wvashrae.org/

Chapter Name: Western India

Geographical Location: Ahmedabad, India
Chapter Number: 163
Region: RAL

Chapter Name: Western Michigan

Geographical Location: Grand Rapids, MI
Chapter Number: 047
Region: V
Website: http://www.ashraewestmi.org/

Chapter Name: Wichita

Geographical Location: Wichita, KS
Chapter Number: 076
Region: IX
Website: www.ashrae-wichita.org/

Chapter Name: Windsor

Geographical Location: Windsor, ON
Chapter Number: 141
Region: II
Website: http://windsorashrae.com/

Chapter Name: Wisconsin

Geographical Location: Milwaukee, WI
Chapter Number: 048
Region: VI
Website: http://www.ashrae-wi.org/