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ASHRAE Membership

ASHRAE membership is open to any person associated with heating, ventilation, air conditioning or refrigeration. ASHRAE is unique because its membership is drawn from a wide range of disciplines relating to the HVAC&R field. Over 56,000 individuals from more than 100 nations belong to the Society.

Discounts on Publications

ASHRAE members earn 15% off publications. Hundreds of titles are available including the complete collection of ASHRAE Standards including 90.1, 62.1 and 189.1.

Develop Leadership Skills

When you join ASHRAE, you are making an investment in yourself. When you become active in the Society by giving your time and sharing your knowledge, you get even more out of that investment.

Network with Industry Professionals

Each month, all over the world, ASHRAE chapters convene for an informational program featuring a speaker or topic that is key to professionals in the industry. Meet with your peers and share ideas.
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Society Groups

Officers Directors Councils Committees Staff

2017–2018 ASHRAE Board of Directors

President Bjarne W. Olesen, Ph.D.
President-Elect Sheila J. Hayter, P.E.
Treasurer Darryl K. Boyce, P.Eng.
Vice President Michael Schwedler
Vice President Ginger Scoggins, P.E.
Vice President Edward Tsui
Vice President Julia A. Keen, Ph.D., P.E.
Secretary Jeff H. Littleton


Regional Directors and Directors-at-Large

July 2015-June 2018
William F. Walter (I)
Douglas C. Cochrane (II)
Roger K. Jones (III)
Keith A. Yelton (XI)
Erich Binder*
Malcolm D. Knight, P.E.*
William F. McQuade, P.E.*

July 2016–June 2019
George W. Austin, Jr. (IV)
Douglas D. Fick, P.E. (V)
Benjamin A. Skelton (VI)
Daniel R. Rogers, P.E. (XII)
Ng Yong Kong, P.Eng. (XIII)
Essam E. Khalil, Ph.D.*
Thomas M. Lawrence, Ph.D.*
Lawrence C. Markel*


July 2017-June 2020
Michael P. Cooper, P.E. (VII)
Jonathan I. Symko (VIII)
Trenton S. Hunt (IX)
Marites Dagulo Calad (X)
Constantinos A. Balaras, Ph.D., P.Eng (XIV)
Farooq Mehboob (RAL)
Van D. Baxter, P.E.*
Donald L. Brandt*
Tim J. McGinn, P.E.*



Executive Vice President:
Jeff H. Littleton

Executive Assistant to Board of Directors:
Mary Dean Townsend

Director of Marketing
Vanita Gupta

Senior Manager, Marketing Communications:
Joslyn Ratcliff

Director - Government Affairs:
Alice Yates

Manager, Government Affairs-Federal:

Senior Manager - State and Local Government Affairs:
Jim Scarborough

Chief Development Officer:
Kim Mitchell

Senior Manager of Development – Major & Planned Gifts:
Nicole Blount

Manager, Development - Foundation:
Margaret Smith

Manager, Development - RP:
Julia Mumford

Comptroller/Director of Administrative Services:
Craig Wright

Manager, Accounting:
Annmarie S. Wilhoit

Manager/Accounting Systems Analyst:
Candice Richards

Manager, Human Resources:
Sharon Priebe, PHR

Publisher/Director of Publications and Education:
W. Stephen Comstock

Associate Publisher, ASHRAE Media Sales:
Greg Martin

Editor, ASHRAE Journal:
Jay Scott

Manager - Certfication:
Tim Kline

Manager, Professional Development:
Karen Murray

Editor/Group Manager, Handbook & Special Publications:
Mark Owen

Group Manager, Electronic Products & Publishing Services:
David Soltis

Manager, Inventory and Subscriptions:
Kimberly Gates

Director of Member Services:
Joyce Abrams

Manager, Region Activities:
Vickie Grant

Manager, Membership & Customer Service:
Daniel Gurley

Manager, Chapter Programs:
Candace Pettigrew

Manager, Conference Services:
Lizzy Seymour

Senior Manager, Conference Programs:
Anthony Giometti

Director of Technology:
Stephanie C. Reiniche

Senior Manager, Research & Technical Services:
Michael R. Vaughn, P.E.

Senior Manager, Standards:
Steve Ferguson

Manager, Special Projects:
Lilas Pratt


ASHRAE Councils & Committees

Committees Reporting To The Board of Directors
BOD ExO = ex officio Board of Directors, CO = coordinating officer, DAL = director-at-large, RAL = Region-at-Large,
NVM = nonvoting member, Cons=consultant, SLI = staff liaison

Audit Committee
Erich Binder, Chm
George W. Austin, Jr.
Michael P. Cooper
Craig Wright, SLI

Building Energy Quotient Committee
Hugh F. Crowther, Chm
William K. Klock, VC
Shanta Tucker, Pub.Ed Council Rep.
K. William Dean, Tech Council Rep.
Esteban Baccini
Nathaniel B. Boyd
Hywel Davies
Charles N. Eley
Jeff Clarke, Cons
John A. Dunlap, Cons
Bruce D. Hunn, Cons
Ross D. Montgomery, Cons
Edward Ka Cheung Tsui, CO
Lilas Pratt, SLI

Development Committee

Charles E. Gulledge III, Chm
Erich Binder, VC
David Branson
Derek A. Crowe
James R. Fields
William A. Harrison
Scott A. Martin
Farooq Mehboob
Mark F. Miller
Darin W. Nutter
John A. Rieke
Thomas E. Watson
Dennis J. Wessel
James E. Wolf
Darryl K. Boyce, Cons
Maureen Grasso, Cons
M. Ginger Scoggins, CO
Kim Mitchell, SLI
Nicole Blount, Sr. Mgr/Dev

Finance Committee
Darryl K. Boyce, Chm/CO
Jason Z. Alphonso
Blake E. Ellis
Arthur L. Giesler
Patricia T. Graef
Charles E. Gulledge III
Ross D. Montgomery
M. Ginger Scoggins
Edward Ka Cheung Tsui
Craig Wright, SLI

Nominating Committee
T. David Underwood, Chm
Timothy G. Wentz, VChm
Darcy A. Carbone (I)
Nicolas Lemire (II)
Paul E. Petrilli (III)
Charlie D. Curlin Jr. (IV)
Wei Sun (V)
Tina M. Brueckner (VI)
Larry J. Fisher (VII)
John C. Rhodes (VIII)
Blake E. Ellis (IX)
Devin A. Abellon (X)
Rob Craddock (XI)
Wade H. Conlan (XII)
Apichit Lumlertpongpana (XIII)
Eduardo Maldonado (XIV)
M. Bassel Anbari (RAL)

William P. Bahnfleth (III)
John L. Harrod (VIII)
Jennifer A. Isenbeck (XII)
Ronald E. Jarnagin (XI)
T. Randall Jones (IV)
Walter W. Law, Jr. (VII)
R. Lee Millies, Jr. (V)
Thomas E. Watson (III)
Mary Dean Townsend, SLI

Planning Committee
William P. Bahnfleth, Chm
Thomas H. Phoenix, VChm
Michael P. Cooper
Jennifer A. Isenbeck
M. Dennis Knight
Karine Leblanc
Sarah E. Maston
William F. McQuade
Sarah Poursharafeddin/YEA Rep
Ashish Rakheja
Hassan A Sultan
Timothy G. Wentz
Stefano Corgnati, Cons
Mark P. Modera, Cons
Mick Schwedler, CO
Jeff H. Littleton, EVP/NVM
George W. Austin, Jr./NVM BOD SP Dev.
Constantinos A. Balaras/NVM BOD SP Dev.
Marites Dagulo Calad/NVM BOD SP Dev.
Tim J. McGinn/NVM BOD SP Dev.
Daniel R. Rogers/NVM BOD SP Dev.
W. Stephen Comstock, NVM/Staff Dir.
Vanita Gupta, NVM, Staff Dir.
Mary Dean Townsend, SLI

President-Elect Advisory Committee
Sheila J. Hayter, Chm/CO
Darryl K. Boyce, VChm
Steven T. Bushby
Hugh F. Crowther
Malcolm D. Knight
Farooq Mehboob
Benjamin A. Skelton
Timothy G. Wentz
Jeff H. Littleton, EVP/NVM
Mary Dean Townsend, SLI

Society Rules Committee
Hugh D. McMillan III, Chm
Donald L. Brandt, VChm
William K. Klock
Lawrence C. Markel
Mick Schwedler
Leon Shapiro
Arthur L. Giesler, Cons
Julia A. Keen, CO
Mary Dean Townsend, SLI


Members Council & Committees Reporting to Council

Members Council & Committees Reporting to Council
BOD ExO = ex officio Board of Directors, CO = coordinating officer, DAL = director-at-large, RAL = Region-at-Large,
NVM = nonvoting member, Cons = consultant, SLI = staff liaison

Members Council
Sheila J. Hayter, Chm/Pres-Elect
Darryl K. Boyce, VChm/Treasurer
Erich Binder, Mbr/Dir
Essam E. Khalil, Mbr/Dir
Malcolm D. Knight, Mbr/Dir
Ng Yong Kong, Mbr/Dir
Daniel R. Rogers, Mbr/Dir

Joseph L. Furman, RMCR (I)
Isabelle Lavoie, RMCR (II)
Dunstan L. Macauley III, RMCR (III)
Steven A. Marek, RMCR (IV)
Douglas F. Zentz, RMCR (V)
John A. Rieke, RMCR (VI)
Chris M. Gray, RMCR (VII)
Randy C. Schrecengost, RMCR (VIII)
Tyler J. Glesne, RMCR (IX)
Scott E. Wayland, RMCR (X)
Russell J. Lavitt, RMCR (XI)
Robin Bryant, RMCR (XII)
Cheng Wee Leong, RMCR (XIII)
Dimitris A. Charalambopoulos, RMCR (XIV)
Richie Mittal, RMCR (RAL)
Nonvoting Members:
Devin A. Abellon
David E. Claridge
Charles E. Henck
Leslie A. Jonsson
Jake Kopocis
John A. Rieke
William P. Simpson
James E. Wolf
Oswaldo D. S. Bueno/Cons
Joyce Abrams, SLI

Committees Reporting to Members Council:

Chapter Technology Transfer Committee
Leslie A. Jonsson, Chm
Farhan A. Mehboob, VChm
Nathan P. Hart, VChm
Christopher G. Phelan (I)
Daniel Robert (II)
Tracy N. Jumper (III)
Christopher A. Adams (IV)
Somasundaram Natarajan (V)
Andrew Babler (VI)
David A. Ballard (VII)
Joseph E. Sanders (VIII)
Michael S. Heinrich (IX)
Andrew Reilman (X)
Heric D. Holmes (XI)
John Constantinide (XII)
Bing-Chwen Yang (XIII)
Serafin R. Grana (XIV)
Mohammad H. Al Tassi (RAL)
Thursten D. Simonsen, Mbr/Chap.Programs Coor
Stephen A. Piccolo/Web Broadcast Coor.
Essam E. Khalil, BOD ExO
Sheila J. Hayter, CO
Candace Pettigrew, SLI

Conferences and Expositions Committee
David E. Claridge, Chm
Jennifer E. Leach, VChm
Dennis L. Alejandro
Vikrant C. Aute
Dimitris Charalambopoulos
Michael M. Collarin
Carrie Anne Crawford
Gary C. Debes
Melanie Derby
Joseph T. Firrantello
Ashu Gupta
Richard D. Hermans
Nivedita Jadhav
Kevin L. Marple
Corey B. Metzger
M. Maggie Moninski
Cynthia L. Moreno
Leticia DeOliveira Neves
Kimberly Pierson
Sonya M. Pouncy
Ashish Rakheja
Christine Reinders-Caron
Lee Riback
Richard M. Rose
Frank H. Schambach
Raul Simonetti
Walid Chakroun, Cons
Jon J. Cohen, Cons
Daniel R. Rogers, BOD ExO
Sheila J. Hayter, CO
Anthony Giometti, SLI

Grassroots Government Advocacy Committee
James E. Wolf, Chm
T. David Underwood, VChm
Chad E. Moore, VChm
Robin Bryant, Mbrs Cncl Rep
Mohammad H. Hosni, PubEd Cncl
Michael R. Bilderbeck, Tech Cncl Rep
William F. McQuade
Richard B. Hayter
Andrew E. Manos, (I)
Ronald Gagnon, (II)
Michael Witkowski (III)
Tim Ashby (IV)
James A. Arnold, (V)
Chad W. Powell, (VI)
Ryan A. Williams (VII)
Chad D. Smith, (VIII)
Michael R. Mueller (IX)
David A. Palty, (X)
Jeffery D. Hurd, (XI)
Nathaniel B. Boyd, (XII)
Vorasen Leewattanakit, (XIII)
Maged Fouad Hashem (RAL)
Vikram Murthy, Comm Coor
Jaap Hogeling, Cons
Darryl K. Boyce, BOD ExO
Ng Yong Kong, BOD ExO
Sheila J. Hayter, CO
Jim Scarborough, SLI
Alice Yates, SLI

Honors and Awards Committee
Charles E. Henck, Chm
Tiffany Bates Abrusso, VChm
David Arnold
Donald G. Colliver
Rob Craddock
Stephen W. Duda
John L. Harrod
N. Eileen Jensen
Nicolas Lemire
Paul E. Petrilli
Samir R. Traboulsi
Essam E. Khalil, BOD ExO
Sheila J. Hayter, CO
Candace Pettigrew, SLI

Membership Promotion Committee
Devin A. Abellon, Chm
Michelle L. Swanson, VChm
Carrie R. Kelty, VChm
Lee Feigenbaum (I)
Genevieve Lussier (II)
Patrick C. Marks (III)
Samir N. Sheth (IV)
Adam C. Doubblestein (V)
Will Mak (VI)
Jack A. Griffith (VII)
Robert (Alan) Neely (VIII)
Jonathan R. Smith (IX)
Erik D. Sanchez (X)
Greg Fluter (XI)
Florentino Roson Rodriguez (XII)
Wei-Dong Wang (XIII)
Monica del Fresno. (XIV)
Wimalachandra Jayakody (RAL)
Malcolm D. Knight, BOD ExO
Sheila J. Hayter, CO
Daniel B. Gurley III, SLI

Research Promotion Committee
John A. Rieke, Chm
Derek A. Crowe, VChm
Scott A. Martin, VChm
Anthony Jonkov, VChm
Thomas W. Zoller (I)
Mark M. Lawrence (II)
Jaideep S. Karnik (III)
Matt C. Rowe (IV)
Jack J. Kibort (V)
Duane P. Rothstein (VI)
Scott B. Peach (VII)
Christopher M. Donovan (VIII)
Cory W. Law (IX)
Karine Leblanc (X)
Ruth L. Armstrong (XI)
Jason Hardman (XII)
Ching Loon Ong (XIII)
Liviu Geo Drughean (XIV)
Aakash A. Patel (RAL)
Guy Perreault, ASHRAE Research Canada/Cons
Tiffany Bates Abruzzo, Cons
Malcolm D. Knight, BOD ExO
Sheila J. Hayter, CO
Julia Mumford, SLI

Student Activities Committee
William P. Simpson, Chm
Adam C. Davis, VChm
Steven C. Sill (I)
Benjamin Oliver (II)
James Piscopo (III)
Adam B. Parker (IV)
Janice K. Means (V)
Eric Sturm (VI)
Ruben V. Nichols, Jr. (VII)
Christopher J. Ahne (VIII)
Kevin L. Amende (IX)
Burton Wright, Jr. (X)
Jared R. Larson (XI)
Gerardo Alfonso (XII)
Manuel C. Belino (XIII)
Zoltan Magyar (XIV)
Michel D. Hayek (RAL)
Michael J. Brandemuehl,
Accred Rep/ABET BOD
S. David Cassel,
Accred Rep/ABET EAC
Mansour Zenouzi,
Accred Rep/ABET ETAC
Joseph A. Chin, Cons
Megan Tosh, Cons
Erich Binder, BOD ExO
Sheila J. Hayter, CO
Katie Thomson, SLI

Young Engineers in ASHRAE Committee
Jake Kopocis, Chm
Stephanie Kunkel, VChm
Chonghui Liu (I)
Alexis T. Gagnon (II)
Lindsey King (III)
Jackson Willis (IV)
Jake Taylor (V)
Shona O’Dea (VI)
Stephen Lee Wren (VII)
Vanessa Freidberg (VIII)
Rachel L. Romero (IX)
Alyse M. Falconer (X)
Gregory T. Jernstrom (XI)
Kathleen Simpson (XII)
Ching Man Tracy Pang (XIII)
Aleksandar S. Andjelkovic (XIV)
Muhammad O. Khan (RAL)
Michelle L. Swanson, Liaison/MP
Adam C. Davis, Liaison/SA
Caleb Haynes, Cons
Emilia Agata Targonska, Cons/CIBSE
Erich Binder, BOD ExO
Sheila J. Hayter, CO
Rhiannon M. Masterson, SLI


Publishing and Education Council & Committees Reporting to Council

Publishing and Education Council & Committees Reporting to Council
BOD ExO = ex officio Board of Directors, CO = coordinating officer, DAL = director-at-large, RAL = Region-at-Large,
NVM = nonvoting member, Cons=consultant, SLI = staff liaison

Publishing and Education Council

Edward Ka Cheung Tsui, Chm/VP
Julia A. Keen, VChm/VP
George W. Austin, Jr., Mbr/Dir
Douglas C. Cochrane, Mbr/Dir
Roger K. Jones, Mbr/Dir
William F. McQuade, Mbr/Dir
Benjamin A. Skelton, Mbr/Dir
Daniel J. Dettmers
Mohammad H. Hosni
Jin Jin Huang
John H. Nix II
Chee Sheng Ow
Heather L. Platt
Shanta L. Tucker
Nonvoting Members:
M. Kent Anderson
Frederick W. Betz
Jose Luis Correa
Donald L. Fenton
Bruce L. Flaniken
Eric M. Fullerton
Charles C. Henck
Cameron R. Labunski
Francis Lacharite
Heather R. Schopplein
Karen C. Thrasher
Megan Tosh
David P. Yuill
Ashish Rakheja, Cons
W. Stephen Comstock, SLI

Committees Reporting to
Publishing and Education Council:

Certification Committee
Cameron R. Labunski, Chm
Eric M. Fullerton, VChm
Mark J. Bettin
Mark W. Fly
Carlos A. Mitroga
Kurt Montiero
Daniel C. Pettway
Nirmal Ram
Ashley Weekly
Roger K. Jones, BOD ExO
Edward Ka Cheung Tsui, CO
Tim Kline, SLI

Electronic Communications Committee
Heather R. Schopplein, Chm
Megan Tosh, VChm
Gerardo Alfonso
Cynthia A. Callaway
Kenneth W. Cooper
Pamela L. Duffy
Mark M. Hydeman
Karine Leblanc
Jessica A. Mangler
Richie Mittal
Benjamin A. Skelton BOD ExO
Edward Ka Cheung Tsui, CO
Joslyn Ratcliff, SLI

Handbook Committee
David P. Yuill, Chm
Donald L. Fenton, VChm
Keith Yelton, BOD ExO
Edward Ka Cheung Tsui, CO
Mark Owen, SLI

 Subcommittee for 2018 Refrigeration Handbook
Donald L. Fenton, Sub/Chm
Roberto R. Aguilo
Kelley P. Cramm
Harry J. Enck
D. Scott Fisher
William E. Murphy


  Subcommittee for 2019 HVAC Applications
Suzanne LeViseur, Sub/Chm
Bryan R. Becker
Narayanan S. Chandrasekar
Bryan M. Holcomb
Harris M. Sheinman
Lynn F. Werman

  Subcommittee for  2020 Systems and Equipment Handbook
Michael P. Patton,Sub/Chm
Caroline C. Calloway
Prakash R. Dhamshala
Nicolas Lemire
Florentino Roson Rodriguez, Sr.
Steven C. Sill

 Subcommittee for 2021 Refrigeration Handbook
Bass Abushakra, Sub/Chm
Jason A. Atkisson
Guy S. Frankenfield
Kevin B. Gallen
Javier Korenko
Stephanie J. Mages

Historical Committee
M. Kent Anderson, Chm
Bruce L. Flaniken, VChm
Oswaldo D. S. Bueno
Pamela M. Immekus
Lindsey King
Ahmed Alaa Eldin Mohamed
Bernard A. Nagengast
Eric Sturm
Stanley Westhoff
Branislaw B. Todorovic, Cons
Douglas C. Cochrane, BOD ExO
Edward Ka Cheung Tsui, CO
Emily Sigman, SLI

Regional Historians
Stanley M. Westoff (I)
Robert T. Pollard (II)
Mark A. Tome (III)
Pamela M. Immekus (IV)
Lane D. Snowberger (V)
Sherman M. Sweeney (VI)
Benjamin D. Godfrey (VII)
Charles D. Stoabs (VIII)
Gary L. Cooper (IX)
Dean S. Borges (X)
Douglas B. Le Cren (XI)
John S. Davant (XII)
Siew Meng Leong (XIII)
Timothy C. Dwyer (XIV)
Mehmet Baris Ozerdem (RAL)

Professional Development Committee
Karen C. Thrasher, Chm
Charles E. Henck, VChm/Planning
Frederick W. Betz VChm/Operations
Timothy C. Dwyer
Lindsey King
Walter W. Law, Jr.
Tyler Lewis
Aakash A. Patel
Keith H. Reihl
Robert B. Risley
Jeremy T. Smith
James K. Vallort
Francis A. Mills, Cons
George W. Austin, Jr., BOD ExO
Edward Ka Cheung Tsui, CO
Karen M. Murray, SLI

Publications Committee
Francis Lacharite, Chm
Jose Luis Correa, VChm
Roberto R. Aguilo
Pradeep Kumar Bansal
Jack B. Glass
Nikolaos Kourakos
Antonio Marquez
Chee Sheng Ow
Mark A. Tome
Ronald P. Vallort
Richard H. Rooley, Cons
Benjamin A. Skelton, BOD ExO
Edward Ka Cheung Tsui, CO
Mark Owen, SLI


Technology Council & Committees Reporting to Council

Technology Council & Committees Reporting to Council
BOD ExO = ex officio Board of Directors, CO = coordinating officer, DAL = director-at-large, RAL = Region-at-Large,
NVM = nonvoting member, Cons = consultant, SLI = staff liaison

Technology Council
M. Ginger Scoggins, Chm/VP
Mick Schwedler, VChm/VP
Van D. Baxter, Mbr/Dir
Douglas D. Fick, Mbr/Dir
Thomas M. Lawrence, Mbr/Dir
Lawrence C. Markel, Mbr/Dir
William F. Walter, Mbr/Dir
Michael R. Bilderbeck
Charles H. Culp III
Kenneth M. Fulk
Arthur L. Giesler
Byron W. Jones
Mark P. Modera
Douglas T. Reindl
Nonvoting Members:
Donald M. Brundage
Kelley P. Cramm
Martin Dieryckx
Steven J. Emmerich
Elliott Horner
Thomas A. Justice
Kishor Khankari
R. Christopher Mathis
Nicholas D. Shockley
John A. Shonder
Lan Chi Nguyen Weekes
Theresa A. Weston
Cesar L. Lim, Cons
Stephanie Reiniche, SLI

Committees Reporting to Technology Council:

Environmental Health Committee
Lan Chi Nguyen Weekes, Chm
Elliott Horner, VChm
Hans Besselink
Hoy R. Bohanon, Jr.
Wade H. Conlan
Kenneth W. Cooper
Luke C. H. Leung
Andrew K. Persily
Chandra Sekhar
Max H. Sherman
Erica Stewart
Wei Sun
Shin-ichi Tanabe
Wayne R. Thomann
Claressa Lucas, Mbr/Health Professional
Wane A. Baker, Cons
Thomas M. Lawrence, BOD ExO
M. Ginger Scoggins, CO
Steven J. Hammerling, SLI

Refrigeration Committee
Nicholas D. Shockley, Chm
Martin Dieryckx, VChm
Walid Chakroun
Didier Coulomb
Stephen C. Gill
Charles C. Hon
Yunho Hwang
Barbara Minor
Shamila Nair-Bedouelle
Rajan Rajendran
Richard R. Royal
David L. Rule
Jason Robbins, Cons
William F. Walter, BOD ExO
M. Ginger Scoggins, CO
Steven J. Hammerling, SLI

Research Administration Committee
Kishor K. Khankari, Chm
John A. Shonder, VChm
David A. John, RAS Chair
David A. Yashar, RPS Chair
Omar A. Abdelaziz
E. Curtis Eichelberger, Jr.
Jeff Gatlin
Shinsuke Kato
H. Ezzat Khalifa
Stephen Kujak
Dennis L. Loveday
Michael A. Pouchak
Pawel Wargocki
Christopher K. Wilkins
Xudong Wang, Cons/AHRI
Hywel Davies, Cons/CIBSE
Ian Cull, Cons/IAQA
Douglas D. Fick, BOD ExO
M. Ginger Scoggins, CO
Michael R. Vaughn, SLI

Residential Buildings Committee
R. Christopher Mathis, Chm
Theresa A. Weston, VC
Robert Bean
Charles H. Culp III
Pankaj R. Dharkar
Paul Francisco
Patricia T. Graef
Chris M. Gray
Jeff Inks
Daniel Int-Hout III
Richard Karg
David F. Lee
Neil P. Leslie
Chris A. Van Rite
David J. Weishuhn
S. Craig Drumheller, Cons
Glenn C. Hourahan, Cons
Van D. Baxter, BOD ExO
M. Ginger Scoggins, CO
Lilas Pratt, SLI

Standards Committee
Steven J. Emmerich, Chm
Donald M. Brundage, VChm
Niels Bidstrup
Michael D. Corbat
Drury B. Crawley
Julie M. Ferguson
Michael W. Gallagher
Walter T. Grondzik
Vinod Gupta
Susanna S. Hanson
Roger L. Hedrick
Rick M. Heiden
Jonathan Humble
Srinivas Katipamula
Kwang Woo Kim
Larry Kouma
Arsen K. Melikov
R. Lee Millies, Jr.
Karl L. Peterman
Erick A. Phelps
David Robin
Peter Simmonds
Dennis A. Stanke
Wayne Stoppelmoor, Jr.
Richard T. Swierczyna
Jack H. Zarour
Eckhard Groll, Cons
Richard L. Hall, Cons
Lawrence C. Markel, BOD ExO
M. Ginger Scoggins, CO
Stephanie C. Reiniche, SLI

Technical Activities Committee
Kelley P. Cramm, Chm
Thomas A. Justice, VChm
Victor W. Goldschmidt
Krishnan Gowri
Carl F. Huber
Amir Jokar
Jay A. Kohler
Dawen Lu
Dustin E. J. Meredith
Barbara Minor
Elbert G. Phillips
Michael S. Sherber
Larry A. Smith
James R. Tauby
Marija S. Todorovic
Dennis J. Wessel
Sarah E. Maston, Cons
Thomas M. Lawrence, BOD ExO
M. Ginger Scoggins, CO
Michael R. Vaughn, SLI