Artificial intelligence (AI) policy: ASHRAE prohibits the entry of content from any ASHRAE publication or related ASHRAE intellectual property (IP) into any AI tool, including but not limited to ChatGPT. Additionally, creating derivative works of ASHRAE IP using AI is also prohibited without express written permission from ASHRAE.

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ASHRAE Authoring Portal

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The ASHRAE Authoring Portal (AAP) is an online tool for collaborative content development. The Authoring Portal has content library for ASHRAE Handbook, ASHRAE Standards & Guidelines and Special Publications allowing multiple authors to review, revise, and edit a document together. Authors can work online using a website browser of in real time using Microsoft Word. AAP is accessed at

Access the ASHRAE Authoring Portal Now   Access ASHRAE Handbook Central

Users can access one of the following ASHRAE Authoring Portal Libraries. Once library access is established, you will only see the library and content folders that you have been granted access to.

Other ASHRAE Authoring Portal Library Sections can be created upon request for your collaborative content development needs.


Here is a list of some of the benefits of using the Authoring Portal:

    • ASHRAE-approved, secure platform for copyrighted intellectual property (no need for a “members only” page on your group's website).
    • Easy tracking of changes for authoring groups and staff.
    • Easier handover when authoring groups roles change.
    • No need to transmit large files by email.
    • No more lost work from crashed hard drive, stolen PCs, corrupted files, etc.
    • Easy for entire authoring groups to access and review the manuscript (no more passing around flash drives).
    • No more manuscripts that fail to get to editorial staff.
    • AAP uses Microsoft SharePoint to organize content and graphic files in folders.
    • Login access is by ASHRAE committee or authoring group using information from the membership database.
    • You can use a browser or mobile device of your choice, but Google Chrome is recommended.