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62.2 User's Manual

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The Definitive Companion to Standard 62.2


Guidance that explains the "why" and "how" behind requirements in ASHRAE's residential indoor air quality standard is contained in this newly updated user's manual.

This companion guide provides detailed information on the requirements of Standard 62.2-2016, and includes tables, illustrations, and examples to aid users in providing for acceptable indoor air quality in residential systems. The provisions of Standard 62.2 address mechanical and natural ventilation as well as air leakage in these buildings, and this user's manual provides concrete examples on how to apply the criteria set out by the standard.


ASHRAE Standards and User's Manuals: A 1-2 Punch

ASHRAE seeks to improve the quality of life for people around the world. When used in conjuction with Standard 55-2013, The User's Manual can help ensure that standards are met. Purchase together and SAVE.