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ASHRAE Design Guide For Cleanrooms

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Cleanrooms Require Comprehensive Oversight. So Does Cleanroom Design.


ASHRAE design guide is a key resource for carrying out successful cleanroom projects

Cleanrooms are used in virtually all the major high-tech sectors where contaminants can adversely affect the research or manufacturing process. Though non-contamination can never be completely achieved, cleanrooms can be designed, operated, and controlled to meet specific process requirements for indoor air cleanliness.

The ASHRAE Design Guide for Cleanrooms offers a practical, comprehensive approach to cleanroom theories, fundamentals, performance, control, testing, and industrial applications. It offers an approachable technical perspective to designers, builders, owners, and operators of cleanrooms.

ASHRAE Design Guide for Cleanrooms:
Fundamentals, Systems, and Performance


This design guide is divided into four parts, each containing multiple chapters:

  1. Cleanroom Fundamentals
  2. Cleanroom Design and Environmental Control Systems
  3. Cleanroom Testing, Certification, Commissioning, and Qualification
  4. Cleanroom Design In Select Industries

Prepared under ASHRAE Technical Committee 9.11, Clean Spaces, ASHRAE Design Guide for Cleanrooms is the culmination of the years-long work of subject experts from around the world. Learn how you can become a part of projects like this.