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ASHRAE Seminar Recordings

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Search Building Technology Information in over 1000 Hours of Recorded Seminars!

ASHRAE Seminars are recent presentations on current topics in HVAC&R and building technology, useful for

  • Project preparation
  • Training
  • Research
  • Emerging technology updates

Seminars are available as downloadable PDFs of PowerPoint slides synchronized with audio recordings of speakers, PDF files of the slides, and audio-only as noted.

Compiled and curated by ASHRAE Member Jeff Boldt, the Seminars Index provides a complete listing of seminar presentations at ASHRAE Conferences from January 2011 to June 2017. Selected seminars are also denoted as "best of" picks on given topics. Search the spreadsheet, then visit the ASHRAE Bookstore to learn more or purchase seminar presentations.

Seminars on ASHRAE Technology Portal

ASHRAE Conference Seminars are PowerPoint slideshows synchronized with the audio recordings of presentations given at ASHRAE Winter and Annual Conferences on subjects of current interest. All recorded seminars starting from the 2017 ASHRAE Winter Conference are available on the ASHRAE Technology Portal

Seminars on DVD

seminars dvd.jpg
Also available are compilation DVDs containing each conference's recorded presentations. The DVDs cover seminar recordings from the 2004 ASHRAE Annual Conference through the 2017 ASHRAE Winter Conference.

DVDs contain an interactive table of contents which gives a brief description of each seminar and provides links to the presentations. In addition, a search feature allows users to search titles, descriptions, and presenter information for keywords.

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