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Cold-Climate Buildings Design Guide

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ASHRAE Hurries Hard in Orlando for Cold-Climate Design

Designing for the Unique Challenges Posed by Cold Climate Takes Expertise.

ASHRAE's Cold-Climate Buildings Design Guide identifies strategies on how to meet the design challenges created by cold climate conditions, from initial planning to completion.

Chapters cover:

  • cold-climate.jpgSustainability
  • Human Comfort and IEQ
  • Utilities
  • HVAC Design
  • Envelope
  • Design
  • Control
  • Commissioning


Buildings in arctic and subarctic climates face unique challenges; not only the cold, but also remoteness, limited utilities, permafrost, and extreme temperature shifts. Built structures must meet these challenges while maintaining occupant comfort and, if possible, minimizing impact on the environment.

Harmonizing human comfort with the climatic realities of these environments can be a delicate balancing act. Strategic design is key to building, commissioning, and operating efficient and long-lasting cold-climate structures. This unified guide to cold-climate design provides expert knowledge on the issues commonly faced in arctic and subarctic climates.

In addition to cold-climate considerations in HVAC calculations and system design, this book's chapters cover sustainability, controls, building design, and commissioning, all from this distinctive climatic perspective. The book also includes an appendix with seven case studies of buildings located in cold and extreme cold climates. These buildings are leaders in their field with regard to both efficiency and cold-climate design.

Aimed at each member of the building team, from the designer and architect to the commissioning authority, Cold-Climate Buildings Design Guide will serve as a valuable resource from the initial planning to completion of cold-climate buildings.

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