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kBIM Template and Library FAQ

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Frequently Asked Questions for kBIM Template and Library for Autodesk® Revit®:


Can I see the product in action?kbimlogo.jpg

Take a look:

pdf_icon.png  Sample Legends and Schedules 
Demo - Mechnical Features (YouTube)
Demo - Electrical Features (YouTube)

What does kBIM Template do for me?

The template and library that is provided with Revit when purchased through Autodesk provides MEP and technology symbols. Although these symbols provide a great starting point, they are not accompanied with schedules to leverage the information of the model.

kBIM Template and Library provides content that works with corresponding schedules and tags, bringing automation to the production of coordinated construction documents. Additional features of kBIM Template and Library include schedules and filters to help manage the visibility of model elements, over 80 additional pipe systems, discipline-specific view templates with predefined settings to help with project setup and a comprehensive help document to guide the users through utilizing the custom features of the kBIM Template and Library.

Why should I purchase the kBIM Template and Library?

Most small- to medium-sized engineering firms do not have the time or resources to spend developing CAD standards, templates, and self-populating equipment schedules. This work has already been done for you and is available at a fraction of the cost.

What mechanical schedules are contained in the kBIM Template and Library?

See the attached PDF for a graphical representation of all the schedules and symbols that are included with the kBIM Template.

What type of mechanical equipment is included with the kBIM Template and Library?

There are VAV box Revit families that resemble manufacturer dimensions, however the majority of the equipment is generic, adjustable, 3D boxes or cylinders (placeholders). A placeholder family has been created for each schedule type. As the placeholders are placed into the project, the corresponding schedule will populate. These placeholder families can stay in the model for the duration of the project, or they can be substituted for a family that more accurately depicts the equipment. The kBIM Template and Library Help Document provides simple directions that walk  the user through modifying manufacturer specific Revit families to work with the kBIM mechanical schedules.

Does the kBIM Template and Library follow national CAD Standards?

Some of the symbols adhere to NCS, but the kBIM Library has some unique symbols for the devices that are not represented in the NCS. See attached PDF for a graphical representation of the devices that are included in the library.

Can the electrical symbols be changed to match our company's standards?

Yes, any or all of the symbols can be modified to match your company standards. The kBIM Template and Library Help Document takes you through the steps necessary to modify the electrical and technology device annotation symbols.

Which light fixtures are included in the KBIM Revit Library?

All light fixture families are manufacturer generic and have adjustable dimensions. The housing of the fixtures is also modeled, and these dimensions are also adjustable. All lights have consistent annotation representation for night light, emergency, dual switching, and basket fixtures. All the light fixture families work with the Luminaire Schedule provided with the kBIM Template and Library. See attached PDF for a graphical representation of the Luminaire Schedule and light fixture annotation.

I am new to Revit, how do I get started using the kBIM Template?

The kBIM Template and Library is provided with a help document. The help document is over 130 pages and provides simplified procedures that walk the user through many tasks, such as setting up a project, using the electrical circuiting feature of Revit, adding pipe systems, phasing, and creating 3D views.

I have existing Revit content. Can I use this with the kBIM Template and Library?

Yes, existing Revit content can be incorporated into the kBIM Template and Library. The help document explains how to add the schedule properties for mechanical equipment to work with the schedules and how to modify diffusers to work with the kBIM tag and schedule.

I've decided to purchase. What do I do now?

Visit the ASHRAE Bookstore and purchase the kBIM Template and Library. users will be asked to log in using member credentials, and new users will need to create a log in. After checkout, a member of the ASHRAE special sales team will contact you with a license agreement. Simply submit the information listed and your CD product will be shipped to the address you specified.

I'm having trouble installing and using this product. Who can I contact?

Having issues installing your copy of kBIM Template and Library? Contact ASHRAE at

Is there a discount for purchasing multiple copies?

Discount pricing is available for members and nonmembers interested in purchasing multiple copies for use at multiple sites. Contact for complete pricing and discount details.

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