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Refrigeration Commissioning Guide for Commercial and Industrial Systems


 Using this Guide will help achieve cost-effective and cost-efficient refrigeration systems for new projects, expansions, remodels, and existing systems that simply need a tune-up.

This Guide was developed through cooperation of ASHRAE and the U.S. Department of Energy. In an effort to promote building energy efficiency, ASHRAE and DOE are making this Guide available for download (PDF) at no charge.

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The first of its kind, Refrigeration Commissioning Guide for Commercial and Industrial Systems provides guidance to owners and managers of commercial and industrial facilities that use refrigeration systems to help ensure that project requirements are met and owners’ expectations are achieved. For commercial facility owners and managers, this means improved profitability through lower operating and service costs as well as reduced product loss.

Because deficiencies in system design found at start-up are not easily resolved, maintenance managers or operators may deal with unnecessary shortcomings and expenses over the life of the facility. Commissioning helps project teams avoid these “surprises” by establishing a consistent, stepwise process that helps “get it right the first time.”

ASHRAE Guide for Sustainable Refrigerated Facilities and Refrigerated Systems


With guidance on topics such as logistics, product handling, facility layout and location, heat loads, and refrigeration system design, every member of the team can find applicable information on sustainably designing, building, operating, and maintaining a refrigerated indoor environment.

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