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ANSI/ASHRAE Standard 140-2023, Method of Test for Evaluating Building Performance Simulation Software

Supporting Files

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The following link provides access to normative and informative supporting electronic files to be used with Standard 140-2023. The files are called out as described in README-140-2023.docx, provided in the root folder of the accompanying files package. Accompanying files are organized by a separate file folder for each set of tests. Each of the test-set-specific file folders is further subdivided by separate subfolders for normative files and informative files. Normative files include weather data, output report templates, and equipment performance data (for those test cases that apply such data). Informative files include example results, example entries for documentation reports, and other supporting information. The names of the files have been updated to reflect the new section numbers in Standard 140-2023.

ASHRAE Standard 140-2023 Supplemental Files (688MB)

Additional informative supporting files are located at data.ashrae.org/standard140. These include reference files that provide general information about Standard 140 and the analysis files for the weather drivers test suite results.

These files are available only to purchasers of this standard; the files can be downloaded to your computer for personal use only. If the files at these links are not accessible, please contact the publisher.