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Thermodynamic Properties of Humid Air, Steam, Water and Ice

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Library of Psychrometric, Thermodynamic, and Transport Properties for Real Humid Air, Steam, Water, and Ice, I-P and SI Units

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Based on ASHRAE RP-1485, Thermodynamic Properties of Real Moist Air, Fog, Ice Fog, Dry Air, Steam, Water, and Ice (March 12, 2009), the ASHRAE Library of Humid Air Psychrometric & Transport Property (LibHuAirProp) Functions, Excel version (FluidEXL) includes 60 property functions in both I-P and SI units. Ready for application, they work within Microsoft Excel®. Key features of the library include:
  • It works with "Real' versus "Ideal' Air
  • It updates the ASHRAE Hyland-Wexler and Nelson-Sauer Models Properties of liquid and ice fog can also be calculated
  • All latest IAPWS standards and NIST reference equations are used
  • It offers a wide range of validity Pressure: 0.01 < p < 10,000 kPa Temperature: -143.15 < t < 350 °C Humidity Ratio: 0 < W < 10 kgw/kga
  • It includes both water content and backwards functions and allows measurement of thermodynamic, saturation, and transport properties.

ASHRAE Combined Library of LibHuAirProp Functions for the 32-bit Excel, MATLAB, Mathcad, EES, DYMOLA and LabVIEW


Available Add-ons:

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