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The use of underfloor air distribution systems (UFAD) is increasing as a solution to space conditioning concerns. As the use of these systems increases, so does the importance of initial design and effective operation and maintenance of these systems after installation.
This set includes both UFAD Guide and The O&M Guide for complete guidance.

The UFAD guide provides assistance in the planning, construction, and operation of UFAD systems, while carefully detailing the major differences between UFAD and more traditional forms of space conditioning. UFAD GUIDE: Design, Construction, and Operation of Underfloor Air Distribution Systems incorporates updated results from laboratory and field experiments. Also included are simulation studies, manufacturer's literature, design experiences from practicing engineers, as well as other relevant guidelines from users of UFAD.

As UFAD technology is applied, designers, technicians, facility managers, and building owners or their representatives also need to know how to ensure that these often mission-critical systems operate as intended. The O&M guide supplements UFAD Guide providing specific, practical advice beyond design, construction, and startup into successful ongoing operation and maintenance.


For those in the construction, building commissioning, and operations and maintenance industries, these guides provide a wealth of information on an emerging technology, all while keeping in mind the typical flow of decision making.

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