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Energy Recovery

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Energy Recovery                                                   NEW 06/11/2020

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Energy Recovery (PDF)

The Practical Guidance for Epidemic Operation of Energy Recovery Ventilation Systems was created by TC 5.5 Air-to-Air Energy Recovery along with the Building Readiness Team to provide practical guidance on evaluating the energy recovery devices design, construction, and site analysis. This analysis is meant to be able to identify potential issues with ERVs, such as being considered leaky, so that they can be evaluated for operation during an epidemic.

This document includes guidance on the following items:

  • Evaluation and on-site inspection of ERV systems in operational buildings
  • ERV exchanger on-site inspections; all types, wheel specifics, and plate types
  • Remediation of systems with ERV exchangers
  • Re-commissioning ERV systems after an extended building shut-down
  • Terminology

This also includes appendices that cover the following:

  • Estimating total return air recirculation in operational HVAC systems with ERVs
  • Dilution principle in outdoor air ventilation