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Lower-GWP Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Innovation Award FAQs

  1. Do applicants need only to complete the submission form found on the website and briefly discuss the required project description or is this just an initial stage for shortlisting qualified participants and a formal submission documents shall be provided later on?
    The completion of the form on the website is the formal submission. There is an opportunity to attach supporting documentation. Answering the questions in the form is most important – answering them fully but within the character limit.
  2. Will there be an onsite inspection for the verification of the implemented innovative project?
    There will not be a planned inspection visit; however proof of operation might be requested if not included with the submission as attachments. And the judges might have questions.
  3. Is there an application fee required for joining?
    There is no fee involved to apply.
  4. Who can apply?
    Individuals or teams of individuals. They can be associated with an institution, organization or company, but awards will be made to the individuals themselves and the individuals must have been involved in the research, design or implementation of the technology used in the project.
  5. What can be submitted: a project or a product?
    A project or system can be submitted.  The intent of the award is not to highlight a product but to highlight successfully operating projects or systems that will use products.  No matter what the type of submission, the use low GWP refrigerants must be involved.  That is the main criterion.
  6. Must the project or system already be working and must it be working in a developing country(ies)?
    The project or system must be implemented; it cannot only be a concept.  There must be evidence of the environmental impact achieved.  It should be working in a developing country; however, if the case for application for use in a developing country can be adequately presented, the project or system would be considered.
  7. Will help be provided by UNEP or by ASHRAE to establish the winning project or the product? What will happen with the winner project/product exactly?
    ASHRAE and UNEP will make information about the selected projects and systems available so that the technology can be used to demonstrate how developing countries are successfully making the transition to lower GWP refrigerants. Neither ASHRAE nor UNEP will support further development of the project or system nor will ASHRAE nor UNEP promote a commercial or proprietary product or system.  ASHRAE and UNEP through the award will only create awareness of the technical concepts presented.
  8. Besides lower GWP refrigerant use is there any other technical requirement for submitting?
    • Use of lower GWP refrigerants is the main criterion and is the technical requirement. However, other submission requirements are:
    • Extent of need
    • Description and goal of the research, design, practice or project
    • Financial feasibility in developing countries and economic impact of the research, design or practice