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Research Project Bidders List

Research Projects Ready to Bid – Requests-for-Proposal (RFPs)

ASHRAE is pleased to solicit proposals for 5 new research projects and 4 re-bid projects. The research project titles are listed below.

In all cases, electronic proposal must be in the hands of the ASHRAE MORTS by 8 A.M. EST, Thursday, December 15, 2022 NO EXTENSIONS, NO EXCEPTIONS. The projects are scheduled to begin April 1, 2023 or later.

**Prior to preparing a proposal, please review the sample ASHRAE Research Agreement and General Conditions found on the Research page of the ASHRAE website. If your contracting officer cannot accept this Agreement, please contact us prior to bidding.

Copies of requests-for-proposal (RFPs) are linked to the title list and may be downloaded or printed from this site.

Please give this announcement wide and prompt distribution to all interested researchers within your organization.

  • 1566-TRP, Equations to estimate evaporation rates from heated water pools in indoor recreational aquatic facilities, Sponsored by TC 8.10, Mechanical and Desiccant Dehumidification Equipment, Heat Pipes and Components; Co-sponsored by, TC 9.8, Large Building Air Conditioning Applications
  • 1716-TRP Rebid, Oil Concentration of Field Installed Liquid Chillers with Flooded Type Evaporators, sponsored by TC 8.02, Centrifugal Machines
  • 1790-TRP Rebid, Water Solubility and the Distribution of Water between Vapor and Liquid Phases of Low GWP Refrigerants, sponsored by TC 3.03, Refrigerant Contaminant Control
  • 1843-TRP Rebid, Validation of Low-Order Acoustic Models of Combustion Driven Oscillations on Fire Tube Water Heaters, sponsored by TC 6.10, Fuels and Combustion; Co-sponsored by TC 6.6, Service Water Heating Systems
  • 1857-TRP, Improved simplified methodology for describing and calculating heat conduction between buildings and the ground, Sponsored by, TC 4.7, Energy Calculations; Co-sponsored by, TC 4.1 Load Calculation Data and Procedures & TC 4.4 Building Materials and Building Envelope Performance
  • 1884-TRP, The incorporation of odorants in refrigerants to improve leak detection (Experimental Phase), Sponsored by TC 3.01, Refrigerants and Secondary Coolants; Co-sponsored by, MTG for Low Global Warming Potential Refrigerants
  • 1890-TRP, Minimum flow velocities for purging air and debris from hydronic piping systems, Sponsored by TC 6.08, Geothermal Heat Pump and Energy Recovery Applications; co-sponsored by TC 6.01, Hydronic and Steam Equipment and Systems & TC 6.02, District Energy
  • 1918-TRP, The Verification of openings, the limitations of openings, air distribution and humidity conditions in Naturally Ventilated spaces to compliment Section 6.4 of ASHRAE Standard 62.1, Sponsored by SSPC 62.1, Ventilation and Acceptable Indoor Air Quality
  • 1919-TRP, The effects of duct size and aspect ratio on flow noise in elbows, Sponsored by TC 2.06, Sound and Vibration; co-sponsored by TC 5.02, Duct Design