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Research Project Bidders List

Research Projects Bidding Spring 2018

ASHRAE is pleased to solicit proposals for 11 new research projects and 2 re-bid projects. The research project titles are listed below.

In all cases, electronic proposal must be in the hands of the ASHRAE MORTS by 8 A.M. EDT, Tuesday, May 15, 2018 NO EXTENSIONS, NO EXCEPTIONS. The projects are scheduled to begin September 1, 2018 or later.

**Prior to preparing a proposal, please review the sample ASHRAE Research Agreement and General Conditions found on the Research page of the ASHRAE website. If your contracting officer cannot accept this Agreement, please contact us prior to bidding.

Copies of requests-for-proposal (RFPs) are linked to the title list and may be downloaded or printed from this site.

Please give this announcement wide and prompt distribution to all interested researchers within your organization.

pdf_icon.png 1579-TRP,Testing and Evaluation of Ozone Removal Air Cleaning Devices for Improving IAQ; Sponsored by: TC 2.3, (Gaseous Air Contaminants and Gas Contaminant Removal Equipment), Co-sponsored by: EHC and SSPC 62.1

pdf_icon.png 1707-TRP, Annoyance Thresholds of Tones in Noise as Related to Building Services Equipment; Sponsored by: TC 2.6 (Sound and Vibration); Co-sponsored by: TC 2.1, (Physiology and Human Environment)

pdf_icon.png 1720-TRP (Re-bid), Validation of Gas Phase Air-Cleaner Performance Test Method (Standard 145.2) by Laboratory Testing of Commercially Available Filtration Devices; Sponsored by: TC 2.3, (Gaseous Air Contaminants and Gas Contaminant Removal Equipment); Co-sponsored by: SPC 145 & SSPC 62.1

pdf_icon.png 1740-TRP (Re-bid), Hydrogen Fluoride Capacity of Desiccants; Sponsored by: TC 3.3, (Refrigerant Contaminant Control); Co-sponsored by: TC 3.2, (Refrigerant System chemistry)

pdf_icon.png 1769-TRP (Updated RFP), Experimental Evaluation of the Efficiency of V-Belt Drives Used on Fans; Sponsored by: TC 5.1, (Fans)

pdf_icon.png 1778-TRP, Heat and Moisture Loading from Commercial Dishroom Appliances and Equipment; Sponsored by: TC 5.10, (Kitchen Ventilation); Co-sponsored by: TC 4.1, (Load Calculation Data and Procedures)

pdf_icon.png 1790-TRP, Distribution of Water Between Vapor and Liquid Phases of Low GWP Refrigerants; Sponsored by: TC 3.3, (Refrigerant Contaminant Control)

pdf_icon.png 1794-TRP, White Paper Investigation Relating to the use of Odorants in Flammable Refrigerants; Sponsored by: TC 3.1, (Refrigerant and Secondary Coolants)

pdf_icon.png 1800-TRP, Spray Evaporation on Enhanced Tube Bundles with Low GWP Pure Refrigerants and Refrigerant / Miscible Oil Mixtures; Sponsored by: TC 1.3, (Heat Transfer and Fluid Flow); Co-sponsored by: (MTG.LowGWP), TC 8.5, (Liquid-to-Refrigerant Heat Exchangers)

pdf_icon.png 1801-TRP, Standardizing and Utilizing ASHRAE Online BIM Data Exchange Protocols; Sponsored byTC 1.5, (Computer Applications); Co-sponsored by: MTG-BIM, (MTG, Building Information Modeling) & TC 7.1, (Integrated Building Design)

pdf_icon.png 1814-TRP, Actual Energy Performance of Buildings designed to Comply with ASHRAE Standard 90.1-2010; Sponsored by: TC 2.8, (Building Environmental Impacts and Sustainability); Co-sponsored by: TC 7.6, (Building Energy Performance)

pdf_icon.png 1819-TRP, CO2 Demand Controlled Ventilation in Multiple Zone VAV Systems with Multiple Recirculation Paths; Sponsored by: TC 4.3, (Ventilation Requirements and Infiltration)

pdf_icon.png 1823-TRP, Improved Exhaust-to-Intake Dilution (Concentration) Calculations; Sponsored by: TC 4.3, (Ventilation Requirements and Infiltration)