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Addenda to Guideline 13-2000

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Guideline 13-2000, Specifying Direct Digital Control Systems Addenda

NOTE: The documents linked from this page are in pdf_icon.png PDF-format. (These descriptions may not be complete and are provided for information only.)

pdf_icon.png Addendum a (Incorporates editorial changes and minor independent substantive changes (ISCs) to the current published version of the guideline.)

pdf_icon.png Addendum c (Delete paragraph B in sample specification Section 1.5 (in Section 7.5 of Guideline).)

pdf_icon.png Addendum e (Modifies sample specification Section 1.8 (Section 7.8 of Guideline) to include BACnet Standard 135 as a system requirement.)

pdf_icon.png Addendum f (Modifies sample specification Table 1 (Section 7.9 of guideline) to increase the accuracy water flow meters and power meters)

pdf_icon.png Addendum g (Modifies sample specification Section 1.10 (Section 7.10 of guideline) to update AutoCAD version and to change formats and media of shop drawings. It also adds a requirement for riser diagrams as part of shop drawings.)

pdf_icon.png Addendum h (modifies sample specification Section 2.1 (Section 8.1 of the guideline) to allow newer products to be used due to the fast pace of product changes in the industry.)

pdf_icon.png Addendum i (Modifies sample specification Section 2.2 (Section 8.2.8 of guideline) to update BACnet references and communication devices and capabilities.)

pdf_icon.png Addendum j (Modifies sample specification Section 2.3 C (Section 8.3.3 of guideline) to update hardware capabilities to better reflect current practice. Note that operator workstation capability changes rapidly, so this section must be updated frequently.)

pdf_icon.png Addendum k(modifies Section of Guideline 13 to improve the description of power meter considerations and to update sample specification Section 2.10-O accordingly. Section and sample specification Section 2.10-P are added to address thermal energy meters.)