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Addenda to Standard 135.1-2009

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ANSI/ASHRAE Standard 135.1-2009, Method of Test for Conformance to BACnet®

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pdf_icon.png Addendum d to Standard 135.1-2009 (135.1-2009d-1. Add test to verify that COV subscription lifetimes are not affected by time-sync requests, p.; 135.1-2009d-2. Add new Active_COV_Subscription tests, p. 4.)

pdf_icon.png Addendum e to Standard 135.1-2009  (135.1-2009e-1. Revise BACnet/IP tests, p. 2.)

pdf_icon.png Addendum f to Standard 135.1-2009  (135.1-2009f-1. Clarify Tests for Ack Notification Timestamps, p. 2; 135.1-2009f-2. Add new Database_Revision tests, p. 15; 135.1-2009f-3. Update CreateObject Service tests , p. 18; 135.1-2009f-4. Update DeleteObject Service tests, p. 24.)

pdf_icon.png Addendum g to Standard 135.1-2009  (135.1-2009g-1 Correct Test Step Indention, p. 2; 135.1-2009g-2 Remove Recipient Test, p. 4; 135.1-2009g-3 Correct Errors in Routing Tests, p. 5; 135.1-2009g-4 Change the Ignore Process ID Test, p. 9; 135.1-2009g-5 Add Max Info Frames Check, p. 15; 135.1-2009g-6 Add Test for Device Identifier Recipients, p. 16; 135.1-2009g-7 Add Test for Network Address Recipients, p. 17; 135.1-2009g-8 Add Tests for Disable Initiation, p. 18; 135.1-2009g-9 Change Tests for Out_Of_Service, Status_Flags, and Reliability, p. 20; 135.1-2009g-10 Add Tests for Non-router Network Layer Messages, p. 22; 135.1-2009g-11 Remove Time Delay in TO-FAULT Tests, p. 29; 135.1-2009g-12 Make Additions to the TCSL Language, p. 31; 135.1-2009g-13 Change Acknowledge Alarm Initiation Tests, p. 33; 135.1-2009g-14 Add New Tests for Reading and Presenting Properties, p. 34; 135.1-2009g-15 Add New Event Notification Tests, p. 36; 135.1-2009g-16 Update Trending Tests for Revision 3, p. 38; 135.1-2009g-17 Add New Tests for Revision 4 Schedules, p. 48; 135.1-2009g-18 Add New Test for Event Notification Network Priority, p. 57; 135.1-2009g-19 Add Device and Network Mapping Tests, p. 59; 135.1-2009g-20 Add Device Restart Notification Tests, p. 60; 135.1-2009g-21 Add Schedule Written Datatypes Tests, p. 62.)

pdf_icon.png Addendum h to Standard 135.1-2009  (135.1-2009h-1. Change GetEventInformation Chaining Tests, p. 2; 135.1-2009h-2; Change CHANGE_OF_STATE Test for Event Enrollment Object, p. 3; 135.1-2009h-3. Change ConfirmedCOVEventNotification Service Initiation Tests to Non-infinite Lifetimes, p. 6; 135.1-2009h-4. Change intrinsic tests for Event Enrollment Object, p. 9)

pdf_icon.png Addendum i to Standard 135.1-2009  (135.1-2009i-1. Improve Schedule Object Restoration Tests, p. 2; 135.1-2009i-2. Add Test to Check Range of the Present_Value of Multi-state Objects, p. 3; 135.1-2009i-3. Add Test for SubscribeCOV Service Execution Without a Lifetime Parameter, p. 5; 135.1-2009i-4. Update Test for Processing of ReadProperty Service Responses, p. 6; 135.1-2009i-5. Add Tests for Processing of GetEventInformation Service Responses, p. 8; 135.1-2009i-6. Add Tests for Fallback from ReadPropertyMultiple to ReadProperty, p. 9; 135.1-2009i-7. Allow Priorities in WriteProperty and WritePropertyMultiple Tests, p. 11; 135.1-2009i-8. Add Test for Writing Array Size, p. 12; 135.1-2009i-9. Clarify Test for Writing with a Value that is Out of Range, p. 13; 135.1-2009i-10. Update Test for Writing with an Invalid Datatype, p. 14; 135.1-2009i-11. Relax ReadPropertyMultiple Error Test, p. 17; 135.1-2009i-12. Add Test for Unicast Who-Is, p. 18; 135.1-2009i-13. Revise Unknown Network Layer Message Test, p. 19; 135.1-2009i-14. Add New Trend Log Tests, p. 20; 135.1-2009i-15. Add Event_Type Test, p. 35; 135.1-2009i-16. Revise DeviceCommunicationControl Test, p. 36; 135.1-2009i-17. Add Alarm Re-acknowledgement Tests, p. 40; 135.1-2009i-18. Modify I-Am Tests, p. 45; 135.1-2009i-19. Add A-side Trend Tests, p. 51; 135.1-2009i-20. Make the EPICS Definition Generic, p. 54; 135.1-2009i-21. Clarify Priority in the GetEnrollmentSummary Priority Filter Test, p. 57; 135.1-2009i-22. Add Non-documented Property and Read-Only Property Tests, p. 58.)

pdf_icon.png Addendum l to Standard 135.1-2009 (135.1-2009l-1. Generalize the Notify_Type Test, p. 1; 135.1-2009l-2. Add in a Test for Resizable Array Properties, p. 3; 135.1-2009l-3. Correct the Usage of VERIFY vs. CHECK in the Record_Count Test, p. 4; 135.1-2009l-4. Correct the Trend Log COV Subscription Failure Test, p. 5; 135.1-2009l-5. Remove the Testing Requirement That Status_Flags be Changeable, p. 6; 135.1-2009l-6. Allow WritePropertyMultiple Tests to be Applied to Array Properties, p. 8; 135.1-2009l-7. Modify Event Notifications Tests to Allow Use of Event Enrollment Objects, p. 10; 135.1-2009l-8. Add a Test for Acknowledging Offnormal Events, p. 23; 135.1-2009l-9. Update Expected Error Codes Negative COV Tests, p. 24; 135.1-2009l-10. Correct the Use of WAIT vs. BEFORE in COV Notification Tests, p. 28; 135.1-2009l-11. Improve Reading Multiple Properties with Multiple Embedded Access Errors Test, p. 34; 135.1-2009l-12. Expand Allowable Errors for Older Product When Reading Array Properties, p. 35; 135.1-2009l-13. Improve the Basic DeviceCommunicationControl Tests, p. 37; 135.1-2009l-14. Add Alarm Summarization Tests, p. 40; 135.1-2009l-15. Add Event Log Tests, p. 43; 135.1-2009l-16. Add Structured View Tests, p. 48; 135.1-2009l-17. Correct AddListElement Test, p. 50; 135.1-2009l-18. Add ReadRange Test, p. 51; 135.1-2009l-19. Remove Reliance on EPICS from DCC Test, p. 53; 135.1-2009l-20. Add Who-Has Tests, p. 54; 135.1-2009l-21. Correct Unknown Network Layer Message Type For Someone Else Test, p. 56; 135.1-2009l-22. Clarify TRANSMIT And RECEIVE Addressing Information, p. 58.)

pdf_icon.png Addendum n to Standard 135.1-2009 (135.1-2009n-1. Restrict The "Non-Documented" Test To Standard Object Types, p. 1; 135.1-2009n-2. Add Router Binding Test, p. 2; 135.1-2009n-3. Update Priority_For_Writing Tests, p. 4; 135.1-2009n-4. Make Trend Log Tests Generic, p. 6; 135.1-2009n-5. Bring Attention To Change In Length Of BACnetLogStatus, p. 12; 135.1-2009n-6. Clarify That "Ignore Remote Packets" Test is Not for Use with Intervening Router, p. 14; 135.1-2009n-7. Modify B/IP Test For NAT Operation, p. 15.)