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Addenda to Standard 15-1994

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(These descriptions may not be complete and are provided for information only.)

pdf_icon.png Addendum a (Sections 3, 6, 7, 8.13.8, 10.1, 11, and 12: Changes were made to facilitate understanding and use of the standard. Includes changes to the rule approach.)

pdf_icon.png Addendum b (Multiple sections including the title, purpose and scope: Changes were made to add water as a refrigerant, include absorption refrigeration machines in the standard, and clarify wording in selected sections. This addendum also eliminates several unnecessary references.)

pdf_icon.png Addenda c and d (c: Added three new definitions; Replaced existing 8.12.3; Added new subsection 9.1.5; Replaced existing 9.7.5; Replaced existing; Added a new normative Appendix H, Allowable Equivalent Length of Discharge Piping; Deleted existing Table 4 and added new Table 3, Pressure-Relief Valve Discharge Line Capacity (lb/min of air) of Various Discharge Line Lengths; d: Change existing 8.13.2; Added new subsection 11.2.4, wording for signs at entrances to machinery rooms; Deleted 11.6, Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus and renumbered remaining sections; Revised 11.8; Added new informative Appendix I, Emergencies in Refrigerating Machinery Rooms.)