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Addenda to Standard 90.1-2001 IP and SI versions

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Standard 90.1-2001, Energy Standard for Buildings Except Low-Rise Residential Buildings

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(These descriptions may not be complete and are provided for information only.)

pdf_icon.png Addendum a (Deletes Section 4.4.7, relating to the labeling of transformers, in its entirety.)

pdf_icon.png Addendum b (Change to 6.2.1, Mechanical Equipment Efficiency, relates to the certification program for product performance verification.)

pdf_icon.png Addendum c (Change modifies Table, Duct Seal Levels, with regard to pressure sensitive tape.)

pdf_icon.png Addendum d (Change to Table 6.2.1D establishes minimum efficiency standards for single package vertical air-conditioners (SPVAC) and heat pumps (SPVHP). It is consistent with DOE’s decision to regulate SPVU’s under EPACT.)

pdf_icon.png Addendum e (Add new definitions to Section 3.2; Revise definition in Section 3.2; Add new informative appendix G.)

pdf_icon.png Addendum g (Replace existing Tables and including the Lighting Power Density (LPD) values represents a complete review and update of the inputs to the space and building models used to derive these values.

pdf_icon.png Addendum h (In Section 12, replace the existing normative references; In Section 12, add new and delete normative references; In Section, make changes to Exception (c); In Sections A9.3.1 and A9.3.2, make changes to the test procedure references)

pdf_icon.png Addendum i (Revises Tables 6.2.1A and 6.2.1B to reflect newly adopted DOE efficiency standards for single phase air conditioners and heat pumps less than 65,000 Btu/h.)

pdf_icon.png Addendum j (Applies to the Exceptions to 9.3.1 Interior Lighting Power, specifically exception (n), athletic playing areas.)

pdf_icon.png Addendum k (Change to, General, relates to zone and loop controllers.)

pdf_icon.png Addendum m (Added requirement for heat pump pool heaters to Table 7.2.2.)

pdf_icon.png Addendum n (Provides detailed explanations of control means to clarify the intent of supplemental heater control requirements in 6.1.3 (g), Simplified Approach Option for HVAC Systems.)

pdf_icon.png Addendum o (Change exception (d) in Section 6.3.1)

pdf_icon.png Addendum p (Add a subsection to Section 11.2.1; Add a normative reference to Section 12)

pdf_icon.png Addendum q (Extensive revision of the 90.1-2001 Exterior Lighting Requirements.)

pdf_icon.png Addendum r (Revise Table (formerly Table in both the I-P and the SI editions of the standard)

pdf_icon.png Addendum s (Change exceptions (g) and (i) exceptions to

pdf_icon.png Addendum t (Change the exception to

pdf_icon.png Addendum u (Addendum adds dew-point and dry-bulb temperature as a shutoff control type in Tables and and adds the required high-limit values for this type of control.)

pdf_icon.png Addendum x (Broadens the requirement for off-hour controls for HVAC systems. Revise Sections 6.1.3-i and and add a new Section

pdf_icon.png Addendum y (Change Section Part-Load Fan Power Limitation.)

pdf_icon.png Addendum z (Revise the Exception to 6.2.1)

pdf_icon.png Addendum aa (Section 12: Make changes to normative references.)

pdf_icon.png Addendum ab (Section Revise exception (d))

pdf_icon.png Addendum ac (Revise sections 11.3.6, 11.3.8, 11.3.9 and note 7 to Table 11.4.3A )

pdf_icon.png Addendum ae (Revise Section

pdf_icon.png Addendum ag (corrects the 'retail sales area' LPD value)

pdf_icon.png Addendum ah (Change the title of Table D-1 in Appendix D)

pdf_icon.png Addendum ai (Revise Section 9.2.3, Exit Signs)

pdf_icon.png Addendum al (Revise references in Appendix E)

pdf_icon.png Addendum am (Reduces the number of climate zones from 26 to 8.)