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Section 1.0 — Fundamentals and General

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  • TC 01.01 Thermodynamics and Psychrometrics

    Technical Committee 1.1
    is concerned with basic thermodynamic laws and property relationships, particularly as they are applied to processes involved in heating, ventilating, air conditioning, refrigeration, and related areas of environmental engineering. A second concern of the TC is the fundamental thermodynamic and transport relationships for air and water vapor mixtures, as used in the study, measurement, and calculation of psychrometric properties and processes.

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  • TC 01.02 Instruments and Measurements

    Technical Committee 1.2 is concerned with the principles of instrumentation and the concepts and techniques of basic measurements, especially for processes and properties associated with air conditioning, heating, refrigeration, and related areas of environmental engineering.

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  • TC 01.03 Heat Transfer and Fluid Flow

    Technical Committee 1.3 is concerned with the fundamental principles of the transport of energy, mass, and momentum, especially the study of and application to, physical processes in air conditioning, refrigeration, heating and related areas of environmental engineering.

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  • TC 01.04 Control Theory and Application

    Technical Committee 1.4 is concerned with control theory, systems, and components (excluding refrigerant flow controls), for heating, ventilating, air conditioning and refrigeration uses.

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  • TC 01.05 Emerging Computing Applications

    Technical Committee 1.5 is concerned with determination of computer applications to the design and optimization of refrigeration, heating, and air-conditioning systems, equipment and components thereof; and with programs for all such uses.

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  • TC 01.06 Terminology

    Technical Committee 1.6 is concerned with terminology, nomenclature, definitions, abbreviations, symbols and SI and I-P units used in the used in the fields of heating, ventilating, air conditioning, water heating and refrigeration.

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  • TC 01.07 Business, Management & General Legal Education

    Technical Committee 1.7 will educate the ASHRAE membership in general legal matters, which touch and concern the HVAC industry and its members. The committee will enable this education through the selection of speakers and offers for programs, and through the publication of articles and other educational materials.

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  • TC 01.08 Mechanical Systems Insulation

    Technical Committee 1.8 is concerned with the application and performance of thermal and acoustical insulation systems used on pipes, tanks, equipment and ducts.

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  • TC 01.09 Electrical Systems

    Technical Committee 1.9 is concerned with electrical systems insofar as they interact with the HVAC&R.

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    Proposed Research:
      pdf_icon.pngProposed Research, TC 1.9, Electrical Systems, Adapting HVAC Systems to Operate Under Duress - Draft

  • TC 01.10 Combined Heat and Power Systems

    Technical Committee 1.10 (TC1.10) is concerned with combined heat and power (CHP) systems, their cycles and components including heat recovery, combustion turbine inlet cooling (CTIC), energy conversion and system integration. The systems provide both electrical/mechanical power and cooling/heating thermal energy and are also known as cogeneration systems; trigeneration systems; and combined cooling heating and power systems...

    TC 8.7 – Combustion Gas Turbine Inlet Air Cooling Systems is now a subcommittee within TC 1.10.

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  • TC 01.11 Electric Motors and Motor Control

    Technical Committee 1.11 is concerned with Electric motors (including hermetic) used in heating, ventilating, air-conditioning and refrigeration systems and the protection and control of such motors.

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  • TC 01.12 Moisture Management in Buildings (MMB)

    Technical Committee 1.12 - TC 1.12 is concerned with the interaction between the weather, the building envelope, its systems and its occupants which either lead to moisture accumulation or which prevent it.  The committee performs cross-cutting research, and collects and distributes information to help the public and the professions avoid problems associated with excessive moisture.  These efforts are coordinated with other technical committees, industries and professions which are responsible for individual systems, building components and public health and safety.

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  • TC 01.13 Optimization

    TC 1.13 Optimization
    is concerned with identifying, developing, and disseminating optimization techniques that enhance the performance of HVAC&R components, systems, and building systems that are not application or tool specific. The committee is focused on the fundamentals of optimization techniques including mathematical formulation, constraints handling, multi-objective optimization, approximation techniques, and robust optimization. These fundamentals are the foundation of data-driven, machine learning (ML), and artificial intelligence (AI) methods.

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  • TC Section 1.0 Home Pages

    The technical expertise of ASHRAE is concentrated in its Technical Committees (TCs), Task Groups (TGs), and Technical Resource Groups (TRGs). Keep in touch with your committee or group by accessing its home page!

    If you are interested in finding out how to list your TC, TG, or TRG's home page here, please contact Steve Hammerling, at shammerling@ashrae.org

    ASHRAE Technical Committee 1.1
    Thermodynamics and Psychrometrics

    ASHRAE Technical Committee 1.2
    Instruments and Measurements

    ASHRAE Technical Committee 1.3
    Heat Transfer and Fluid Flow

    ASHRAE Technical Committee 1.4
    Control Theory and Application

    ASHRAE Technical Committee 1.5
    Computer Applications

    ASHRAE Technical Committee 1.6 

    ASHRAE Technical Committee  1.7
    Business, Management & General Legal Education

    ASHRAE Technical Committee 1.8
    Mechanical Systems Insulation (orig. TC 4.13)

    ASHRAE Technical Committee 1.9
    Electric Systems

    ASHRAE Technical Committee 1.10
    Combined Heat and Power Systems

    ASHRAE Technical Committee 1.11
    Electric Motors and Motor Control

    ASHRAE Technical Committee 1.12
    Moisture Management in Buildings

    ASHRAE Technical Committee, 1.13