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Section 10.0 — Refrigeration Systems

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  • TC 10.01 Custom Engineered Refrigeration Systems

    Technical Committee 10.1 is concerned with one-of-a-kind industrial applications of standard or special equipment to meet specific refrigeration requirements.

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  • TC 10.02 Automatic Icemaking Plants and Skating Rinks

    Technical Committee 10.2 is concerned with the application of equipment and systems for automatic ice manufacturing systems for five tons of ice per 24 hours and larger, including ice builders or ice storage systems, and also including ice-skating and curling rinks.

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  • TC 10.03 Refrigerant Piping, Controls, and Accessories

    Technical Committee 10.3 is concerned with the design, layout, sizing, specification, insulation, oil carrying characteristics, safety and corrosion of refrigerant piping, excluding secondary refrigerant piping.

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  • TC 10.05 Refrigerated Processing And Storage

    Technical Committee 10.5 is concerned with the application of standard and special refrigeration equipment to cold storage warehouse operations, both public and private. This involves the design of the structure, the insulation system, the handling methods and equipment, the storage methods and the recommended environment for commodity storage.

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  • TC 10.06 Transport Refrigeration

    Technical Committee 10.6 is concerned with the application of standard and special refrigeration equipment to all air, land, and sea transportation systems.

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  • TC 10.07 Commercial Food And Beverage Refrigeration Equipment

    Technical Committee 10.7 is concerned with the application and performance of equipment and systems for the refrigeration of food and beverages in commercial operations. This includes commercial equipment such as refrigerated merchandisers and storage cases, walk-in freezers and coolers (<3,000 sq. ft>), beverage vendors and dispensers, commercial ice makers, and water coolers.

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  • TC 10.08 Refrigeration Load Calculations

    Technical Committee 10.8 is concerned with the identification and compilation of the factors contributing to, and the development of, procedures for calculating refrigeration loads.

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    ASHRAE Technical Committee 10.1
    Custom Engineered Refrigeration Systems

    ASHRAE Technical Committee 10.2
    Automatic Ice Making Plants/Skating Rinks

    ASHRAE Technical Committee 10.3
    Refrigerant Piping, Controls and Accessories

    ASHRAE Technical Committee 10.5
    Refrigerated Processing and Storage

    ASHRAE Technical Committee 10.6
    Transport Refrigeration

    ASHRAE Technical Committee 10.7
    Commercial Food and Beverage Refrigeration Equipment

    ASHRAE Technical Committee 10.8
    Refrigeration Load Calculations