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Section 3.0 — Materials and Processes

  • TC 3.1 Refrigerants and Secondary Coolants

    Technical Committee 3.1 is concerned with all properties and functions of refrigerants and secondary coolants, including commercial and experimental materials.

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  • TC 3.2 Refrigerant System Chemistry and Contaminant Control

    Proposed Scope
    Technical Committee 3.2 is concerned with all chemical reactionsTC 3.2 is concerned with all chemical reactions and contaminant control inside refrigerant systems. The primary focus includes effects of temperature, pressure and materials on chemical reaction rates. It also includes sources, generation, as well as control of water and other contaminants. Materials of interest include refrigerants, lubricants, additives, manufacturing chemicals and materials of construction. Scope includes identifying and quantifying contaminants that affect properties and performance of system components such as filters and driers. It is also concerned with contaminants during recovering, recycling and reclaiming refrigerants..

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  • TC 3.4 Lubrication

    Technical Committee 3.4 is concerned with all functions and interactions of a lubricant in a refrigerant system, including physical and thermodynamic properties of refrigerant-lubricant systems.

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  • TC 3.6 Water Treatment

    Technical Committee 3.6 is concerned with water treatment for building water systems including scale, corrosion and microbiological control (except sewage drainage systems) and the impacts of water treatment on building operations, maintenance, sustainability, energy efficiency, human health, and water resource conservation.

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  • TC 3.8 Refrigerant Containment

    Technical Committee 3.8 is concerned with methods of construction and service practices to maintain tight refrigeration systems and for storing and handling refrigerants in external containers. It is also concerned with leak detection, evacuation, and minimizing refrigerant emissions while servicing refrigerating systems.

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    ASHRAE Technical Committee 3.1
    Refrigerants and Secondary Coolants

    ASHRAE Technical Committee 3.2
    Refrigerant System Chemistry and Contaminant Control

    ASHRAE Technical Committee 3.4

    ASHRAE Technical Committee 3.6
    Water Treatment

    ASHRAE Technical Committee 3.8
    Refrigerant Containment