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Section 4.0 — Load Calculations and Energy Requirements

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  • TC 4.1 Load Calculation Data and Procedures

    Technical Committee 4.1 is concerned with the identification and compilation of engineering data and the development of procedures for calculating heating, cooling, refrigeration. and ventilating loads of structures.

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  • TC 4.2 Climatic Information

    Technical Committee 4.2 identifies, researches, analyzes, and disseminates climatic data for design of sustainable built environments.

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  • TC 4.3 Ventilation Requirements and Infiltration

    Technical Committee 4.3 is concerned with ventilation requirements and the analysis of infiltration, airflow around buildings, exhaust, and the re-entry of exhaust, including their integration interactions with indoor air quality and energy calculations for buildings and HVAC system design and operation performance and energy consumption.

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  • TC 4.4 Building Materials and Building Envelope Performance

    Technical Committee 4.4 is concerned with the requirements and overall performance of the building envelope as it relates to: 1) heat, air and moisture related properties of building materials 2) fundamental heat, air and moisture transport processes of assemblies; 3) interactions with interior conditions and HVAC systems. In addition, TC 4.4 is concerned with the properties of materials used in mechanical systems to control heat and moisture flows.

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  • TC 4.5 Fenestration

    Technical Committee 4.5 is concerned with the identification and evaluation of all physical properties of (1) glasses and other glazing materials, (2) shading and shielding materials and devices, and (3) control devices and strategies which influence the radiant, conduction, and convection transfer of both heat and light through fenestration systems. It is also concerned with the development of procedures for calculating and measuring solar heat gain, daylight admission, and heat transfer through fenestration systems.

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  • TC 4.7 Energy Calculations

    Technical Committee 4.7 identifies, evaluates, develops, and recommends procedures for calculating energy performance for the built environment.

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  • TC 4.10 Indoor Environmental Modeling

    Technical Committee 4.10 is concerned with developing, evaluating and recommending procedures for predicting indoor environmental conditions including thermal, acoustical, illumination, and air quality for new or existing buildings.

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  • TRG4.IAQP Indoor Air Quality Procedure Development

    is concerned with developing specific guidance to allow users to apply the IAQP method as defined under ASHRAE Standard 62.1. Committee results will be presented to the 62.1 Committee as submissions for inclusion in appendices of the Standard.

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    ASHRAE Technical Committee 4.1
    Load Calculation Data and Procedures

    ASHRAE Technical Committee 4.2
    Climatic Information

    ASHRAE Technical Committee 4.3
    Ventilation Requirements & Infiltration

    ASHRAE Technical Committee 4.4
    Building Materials and Building Envelope Performance

    ASHRAE Technical Committee 4.5

    ASHRAE Technical Committee 4.7
    Energy Calculations

    ASHRAE Technical Committee 4.10
    Indoor Environmental Monitoring

    ASHRAE Technical Resource Group, TRG4.IAQP
    Indoor Air Quality Procedure Development