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Section 6.0 — Heating Equipment, Heating and Cooling Systems and Applications

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  • TC 06.01 Hydronic and Steam Equipment and Systems

    Technical Committee 6.1 is concerned with all aspects of hydronic and steam systems. This includes the application of boilers, chillers, terminal units, and all accessories and controls making up the total system as well as the design of the integrated system. In addition to comfort applications of both heating and cooling, snow melting systems are included. Cooperation with other TC's is recognized in areas such as control, noise and vibration, refrigeration, pumps and hydronic and service water piping.

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  • TC 06.02 District Energy

    Technical Committee 6.2 is concerned with district energy technology and integrated systems that provide one or more forms of thermal energy or a combination of thermal energy and electric power from a central plant(s) to meet the heating, cooling, or combined thermal energy and power needs of end-users in two or more structures. The TC collects and disseminates information on regional resource planning including the design, performance, economic analysis, operation and maintenance of central plants, distribution networks, and consumer limited to materials, construction methods, heat transfer, fluid flow, and measurement. The scope of the TC includes the development and assessment of associated technologies for energy use sections. Coordination occurs with other TCs responsible for components or sub-systems of district energy systems.

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  • TC 06.03 Central Forced Air Heating and Cooling Systems

    Technical Committee 6.3 is concerned with those central forced air systems used for residential and light commercial building comfort heating and cooling. Responsibility covers the design and performance of the entire system, including equipment, controls, ducts and the interactions of the system with building heating and cooling loads.

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  • TC 06.05 Radiant Heating and Cooling

    Technical Committee 6.5 is concerned with all types of sensible radiant space heating and cooling systems. Typical applications are high or medium-temperature radiant elements, spot, or total area radiant heating panels or thermally active slabs for heating and cooling.

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  • TC 06.06 Service Water Heating Systems

    Technical Committee 6.6 is concerned with two general areas: (1) service water requirements, and (2) design of the system for heating and distributing service hot water. The heating system design requires knowledge of storage capacities, heat recovery systems, etc. Note: Responsibility for the design of service water piping has not yet been assigned.

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  • TC 06.07 Solar and Other Renewable Energies

    Technical Committee 6.7 is concerned with all equipment, processes and systems which collect, convert, store and utilize solar energy or other renewable energy sources. Overlap with other TCs is recognized where specific systems are included to utilize or distribute energy as heat or electricity.

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  • TC 06.08 Geothermal Heat Pump and Energy Recovery Applications

    Technical Committee 6.8 is concerned with all equipment and systems which collect, store and utilize geothermal energy or fluids for the purpose of heating and cooling, and with the development and application of heat pump systems and heat recovery by refrigeration cycles including system design, operation, and performance (product design of unitary heat pumps and equipment components is excluded).  

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  • TC 06.09 Thermal Storage

    Technical Committee 6.9 is concerned with the storage of thermal energy for use in heating and/or cooling and with charging or discharging this energy at a controllable rate. The TC collects and disseminates information on storage processes, materials, containers, components, systems and costs as well as on analytical methods for evaluating and predicting storage performance.

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  • TC 06.10 Fuels and Combustion

    Technical Committee 6.10 (TC 6.10) is concerned with the properties of conventional, alternative and waste product fuels and the charac¬teristics important to their utilization for heating, refrigeration and air conditioning. These characteristics are the combustion process, including combustion air supply and venting combustion products, emissions from the combustion of fuels, and the operation of fuel burning equipment.

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    ASHRAE Technical Committee 6.1
    Hydronic and Steam Equipment and Systems

    ASHRAE Technical Committee 6.2
    District Energy

    ASHRAE Technical Committee 6.3
    Central Forced Air Heating and Cooling Systems

    ASHRAE Technical Committee 6.5
    Radiant Heating and Cooling

    ASHRAE Technical Committee 6.6
    Service Water Heating Systems

    ASHRAE Technical Committee 6.7
    Solar and Other Renewable Energies

    ASHRAE Technical Committee 6.8
    Geothermal Heat Pump and Energy Recovery Applications

    ASHRAE Technical Committee 6.9
    Thermal Storage

    ASHRAE Technical Committee 6.10
    Fuels and Combustion