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Section 7.0 — Building Performance

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  • TC 07.01 Integrated Building Design

    Technical Committee 7.1 is concerned with facilitating interaction among all building disciplines, from earliest concept development throughout the building life cycle, in order to achieve integration of design efforts and operation of the total building.

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  • TC 07.02 HVAC&R Construction & Design Build Technologies

    TC 7.2 is concerned with enhancing the collaboration of Contractors and Design Build Firms with the entire ASHRAE membership to ensure that the relevant research, publications, and educational materials promote the design, construction, and operation of resource efficient buildings.  

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  • TC 07.03 Operation, Maintenance and Cost Management

    Technical Committee 7.3 is concerned with the operation, maintenance, and cost management of buildings and the use of life cycle cost analysis techniques for decision‐making when considering investments in building performance. .

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  • TC 07.04 Exergy Analysis for Sustainable Buildings

    TC 7.4 is concerned with all exergy aspects of energy and power utilization of systems and equipment for comfort and service, assessment of their impact on the environment, and development of analysis techniques, methodologies and solutions for environmentally safer, sustainable low-exergy buildings.

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  • TC 07.05 Smart Building Systems

    Technical Committee 7.5 is concerned with the performance and interactions of smart building systems (SBS), the impact of smart building systems on the total building performance, methods for achieving more intelligent control and operation of building processes, including supervisory control strategies and the optimization of dynamic building components and systems, interactions of smart buildings with utilities, and documentation of the benefits of smart buildings and smart building systems as they relate to energy consumption, cost of operation, maintenance, occupant comfort, building commissioning, operations, and impact of the SBS on utilities and natural resources.

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  • TC 07.06 Building Energy Performance

    Technical Committee 7.6 is concerned with the estimation, measurement, analysis, benchmarking, and management of whole building and building systems energy and water performance. This includes performance and resource management of new and existing buildings.

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  • TC 07.07 Testing and Balancing

    Technical Committee 7.7 is concerned with field testing, balancing and adjusting of air-conditioning systems including the identification, organization and development of procedures for performing those field operations necessary to ensure optimum system performance within the limitations of the equipment, design, and installation.

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  • TC 07.09 Building Commissioning

    Technical Committee 7.9 is concerned with methods of developing and executing the commissioning process as required to provide HVAC and related systems which conform with design intent and project requirements.

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  • TC 7.10 Occupant Behavior in Building Design and Operation


    Technical Committee 07.10 is concerned with understanding the building occupant’s behavior and interactions with building energy and control systems; including the development, study, and validation of building modes of operation, operation methods, and measurement and control tools; to positively impact occupant indoor environmental quality, health, productivity, and building energy consumption.

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    ASHRAE Technical Committee 7.1 
    Integrated Building Design 

    ASHRAE Technical Committee 7.2
    HVAC&R Construction & Design Build Technologies

    ASHRAE Technical Committee 7.3
    Operation, Maintenance and Cost Management

    ASHRAE Technical Committee 7.4
    Exergy Analysis for Sustainable Buildings

    ASHRAE Technical Committee 7.5
    Smart Building Systems (orig. TC 4.11 & TC 7.4)

    ASHRAE Technical Committee 7.6
    Building Energy Performance

    ASHRAE Technical Committee 7.7
    Testing and Balancing

    ASHRAE Technical Commiteee 7.9
    Building Commissioning