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Section 8.0 — Air-Conditioning and Refrigeration System Components

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  • TC 08.01 Positive Displacement Compressors

    Technical Committee 8.1 is concerned with the design, performance, features, and operating characteristics of all types of positive displacement compressors for use with refrigerants.

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  • TC 08.02 Centrifugal Machines

    Technical Committee 8.2 is concerned with packaged equipment which involves centrifugal compressors, including those heat exchangers, drivers, controls and accessories which are specific to packaged centrifugal equipment. TC 8.2 is also concerned with the design and performance of centrifugal compressors, steam turbines and gas turbines for use in refrigerating applications.

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  • TC 08.03 Absorption And Heat Operated Machines

    Technical Committee 8.3 is concerned with the design, performance and application of equipment energized by a heat source and using a thermodynamic cycle to provide an air-conditioning, refrigerating or heating function; with the properties of absorbent solutions or special working fluids used in these cycles; and with components of the cycle requiring specific design characteristics.

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  • TC 08.04 Air-To-Refrigerant Heat Transfer Equipment

    Technical Committee 8.4 is concerned with design, performance, and application of heat transfer equipment in which a refrigerant, including water or brine, is used to remove heat from air. The processes of concern to the committee include both sensible heat transfer and combined sensible and latent heat transfer.

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  • TC 08.05 Liquid-To-Refrigerant Heat Exchangers

    Technical Committee 8.5 is concerned with devices for accomplishing heat transfer between refrigerants (including secondary refrigerants) and liquids such as water or liquid cooled condensers, or evaporators for cooling water or other liquids.

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  • TC 08.06 Cooling Towers And Evaporative Condensers

    Technical Committee 8.6 is concerned with cooling towers, evaporative liquid coolers and condensers, spray ponds, and other types of contact type liquid to air exchangers and applications to complete refrigeration systems, including water treatment.

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  • TC 08.07 Variable Refrigerant Flow

    TC8.7 is concerned with the design, performance, and application of variable refrigerant flow systems into commercial HVAC systems.

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  • TC 08.08 Refrigerant System Controls And Accessories

    Technical Committee 8.8 is concerned with refrigerant flow controls and other refrigerant control devices, including relief devices, check valves, condenser water regulators and oil separators.

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  • TC 08.09 Residential Refrigerators And Food Freezers

    Technical Committee 8.9 is concerned with refrigerators and food freezers intended for use in the home. This concern includes special features; cabinet construction; refrigeration systems and their components; good design practice for performance, safety, reliability and serviceability; and performance requirements and procedures for test and evaluation.

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  • TC 08.10 Mechanical Dehumidification Equipment And Heat Pipes

    Technical Committee 8.10 is concerned with mechanical dehumidification equipment and heat pipes and their design performance, applications, and features.

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  • TC 08.11 Unitary And Room Air Conditioners And Heat Pumps

    Technical Committee 8.11 is concerned with products for use in comfort cooling and/or heating systems. These factory-engineered vapor compression systems include: (1) unitary equipment which generally require the field engineering of the product mounting and ducting, piping and electrical connections, (2) room air conditioners such as window mounted units and ductless split systems and (3) packaged terminal equipment. Specifically excluded are unitary combustion engine driven systems.

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  • TC 08.12 Desiccant Dehumidification Equipment & Components

    Technical Committee 8.12 is principally concerned with solid and liquid desiccant dehumidification equipment, its performance, application engineering, related load calculations, commissioning, operation, and maintenance. The committee is also concerned with the integration of desiccant equipment and components into other systems and with fundamental aspects of heat and mass-transfer as they relate to desiccant materials and compounds.

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    ASHRAE Technical Committee 8.1
    Positive Displacement Compressors

    ASHRAE Technical Committee 8.2
    Centrifugal Machines

    ASHRAE Technical Committee 8.3
    Absorption and Heat Operated Machines

    ASHRAE Technical Committee 8.4
    Air-to-Refrigerant Heat Transfer Equipment

    ASHRAE Technical Committee 8.5
    Liquid-to-Refrigerant Heat Exchangers

    ASHRAE Technical Committee 8.6
    Cooling Towers and Evaporative Condensers

    ASHRAE Technical Committee 8.7
    Variable Refrigerant Flow

    ASHRAE Technical Committee 8.8
    Refrigerant System Controls and Accessories

    ASHRAE Technical Committee 8.9
    Residential Refrigerators and Freezers

    ASHRAE Technical Committee 8.10
    Mechanical Dehumidification Equipment and Heat Pipes (orig. TC 7.5)

    ASHRAE Technical Committee 8.11
    Unitary and Room Air Conditioners and Heat Pumps (orig. TC 7.6)

    ASHRAE Technical Committee 8.12
    Desiccant Dehumidification Equipment & Components