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Section 9.0 — Building Applications

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  • TC 09.01 Large Building Air-Conditioning Systems

    Technical Committee 9.1 is concerned with the general design concepts of the HVAC systems that are utilized for the conditioning of large buildings, including the integration of components into centralized and decentralized systems.

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  • TC 09.02 Industrial Air Conditioning and Ventilation

    Technical Committee 9.2 is concerned the environment that supports reliable operation of manufacturing and industrial processes and equipment, and strives to ensure the safety of personnel working in industrial facilities. It provides guidance and recommendations regarding the design, installation, operation and maintenance of heating, air conditioning, supply and exhaust ventilation, pressurization and air filtration systems where harmful chemical, physical, nuclear, biological contaminants or hazardous atmospheres have an increased potential to exist.

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  • TC 09.03 Transportation Air Conditioning

    Technical Committee 9.3 is concerned with providing technical information regarding transportation air conditioning applications, including aerospace, rail, surface vehicles, and ships.

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  • TC 09.06 Healthcare Facilities

    Technical Committee 9.6 is concerned with the application of ventilating, airconditioning, refrigeration, life safety, and energy conservation systems to healthcare (hospital, outpatient, long-term care) facilities.

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  • TC 09.07 Educational Facilities

    Technical Committee 9.7 is concerned with the application of ventilating, airconditioning, refrigeration, life safety, and energy conservation systems to educational (secondary school, college) facilities.

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  • TC 09.08 Large Building Air-Conditioning Applications

    Technical Committee 9.8, is concerned with the application of heating, ventilating, air-conditioning, refrigeration, humidity control, and energy conservation systems to large buildings. Specific areas of primary responsibility and expertise to include applications for the following types of large commercial and public buildings: domiciliary, hospitality, retail, assembly, natatoriums, atria, warehouses, transportation centers, museums, archives, galleries, libraries, and justice facilities. .

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  • TC 09.09 Mission Critical Facilities, Data Centers, Technology Spaces and Electronic Equipment

    TC 9.9 - Mission Critical Facilities, Data Centers, Technology Spaces and Electronic Equipment
    TC 9.9 is concerned with all aspects of mission critical facilities, technology spaces, and electronic equipment/systems. This includes data centers, computer rooms/closets, server rooms, raised floor environments, high-density loads, emergency network operations centers, telecom facilities, communications rooms/closets, and electronic equipment rooms/closets.

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  • TC 09.10 Laboratory Systems

    Technical Committee 9.10 is concerned with HVAC components for laboratory systems and their use therein. These components include but are not limited to air intakes, supply air conditioning systems, air distribution methods, laboratory fume hoods, biological safety cabinets, exhaust systems and exhaust discharge. The technical committee will address the unique requirements of all types of laboratories. These laboratories include but are not limited to nuclear, pharmaceutical/medical, general chemistry, and teaching. Additional TC 9.10 concerns are; (1) the reduction of energy usage in laboratory systems, (2) the monitoring of government regulations affecting laboratory operation.

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  • TC 09.11 Clean Spaces

    Technical Committee 9.11, Clean Spaces is concerned with air conditioning systems for cleanrooms and spaces, including process, product and facility air conditioning and related process ventilation for Research and Development, manufacturing, assembly, test and clean medical areas. This includes electronic, microelectronic, pharmaceutical and aerospace facilities and operating rooms.

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  • TC 09.12 Tall Buildings

    Technical Committee 9.12 is concerned with the function, operation, energy and human safety for buildings in excess of 300 feet in height. Also included is the determination of requirements related to hydraulics, airflow, infiltration, thermal insulation, water vapor retarders, environmental control, fire and smoke control and maintenance.

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  • TRG 9. CCD - Cold Climate Design

    TRG.CCDG will coordinate TC/TG/TRG technical activities to help support the technical basis, development, and publication of a "Cold Climate Design Guide" in conjunction with REHVA and SCANVAC. Responsibilities include the development of supporting research, presentations, and content for the “Cold Climate Design Guide” special publication.

  • TG 9. SPACE - Extraterrestrial and Deep Space Environmental Control Systems

    TG 9. SPACE is concerned with environmental control systems and components, as well as their function and ability to establish and maintain habitable levels of indoor environmental quality, located in and servicing enclosed spaces at deep space and extraterrestrial locations. The committee will also address environmental control system safety, operation and maintenance, refrigerant usage, and performance in conditions different from Earth and Earth’s atmosphere.

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    ASHRAE Technical Commiteee 9.1
    Large Building Air-Conditioning Systems

    ASHRAE Technical Commiteee 9.2
    Industrial Air Conditioning and Ventilation

    ASHRAE Technical Committee 9.3
    Transportation Air Conditioning

    ASHRAE Technical Committee 9.6
    Healthcare Facilities

    ASHRAE Technical Committee 9.7
    Educational Facilities

    ASHRAE Technical Committee 9.8
    Large Building Air-Conditioning Applications

    ASHRAE Technical Committee 9.9
    Mission Critical Facilities, Data Centers, Technology Spaces and Electronic Equipment

    ASHRAE Technical Committee 9.10
    Laboratory Systems

    ASHRAE Technical Committee 9.11
    Clean Spaces

    ASHRAE Technical Committee 9.12
    Tall Buildings