Artificial intelligence (AI) policy: ASHRAE prohibits the entry of content from any ASHRAE publication or related ASHRAE intellectual property (IP) into any AI tool, including but not limited to ChatGPT. Additionally, creating derivative works of ASHRAE IP using AI is also prohibited without express written permission from ASHRAE.

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ASHRAE Branding Guide

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Approved Logos


Color Palette


Chapters & Regions




Social Media




>> View ASHRAE's Writing, Naming and Referencing Guide for quick overview on ASHRAE's writing style, credit acknowledgement, acronyms, and more. 


>> See ASHRAE's full Logo and Branding Policy.  

Why are logo guidelines important?

The ASHRAE logo guidelines are designed to give guidance on the authorized use and depiction of ASHRAE’s trademarks and service marks by our members. Through consistent application of these guidelines, ASHRAE’s image and credibility are reinforced, thereby increasing the value of ASHRAE. These guidelines are not all-inclusive.

The ASHRAE Marketing Department creates and distributes all approved versions of the ASHRAE logo. Please contact the ASHRAE Marketing/Public Relations staff at with any questions.

Primary Color Version Primary Color Version with Tagline


Secondary Versions

Clear Space & Small Scale Reproduction

To ensure maximum legibility and visibility, always use the appropriate amount of clear space around the logo. The clear space is
the height of the “A” in the ASHRAE logo.
To maintain legibility the logo should never be smaller than 19mm in width (0.75” width).
Clear space for the corporate logo Minimum size for the corporate logo


The ASHRAE logo must never be altered in any way. Any improper use of the logo causes confusion, jeopardizes its legal protection and devalues our brand logo. Never change or alter the ASHRAE logo, colors, size minimums or reproduction guidelines.

  • Logos including Trademark symbols are not to be used.

Examples of misuses are shown here.



Bold and vibrant colors are fundamental components of our logo design system.


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Need a newly designed chapter logo? 

ASHRAE has a request form that can be used for this purpose. Anniversary logos, logos for social media, chapter, region and student branch logos may all be requested through this form. Chapter officers can access the form at: Please refer to the chapter logo guide with any specific logo usage questions.

Need image files of an existing logo? 

If you already have a logo and you need the files, you can check your chapter's Basecamp project under Docs & Files. If you don't have access to your chapter's Basecamp, or can't find the logos there, simply email and staff will provide a copy as well as include in your chapter Basecamp. 

Vertical                                           Horizontal

The only approved formats for the region, chapter and section signatures are shown here.
  • The ASHRAE logo and region, chapter and section signatures should look “clean” (i.e. ample white space for visibility).
  • Regions, chapters and sections are allowed the same color options, which can be requested at
Default Secondary Versions


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>> Utilize ASHRAE ROB which details the ASHRAE policies on website creation.

Chapter Websites

A free Wix template, Wordpress theme and Best Practices document are available from ASHRAE’s Communications Committee.  If you are creating or maintaining a website for your chapter, this is a great place to start.

Technical Committee and Project Committee Websites

TC and PC websites are hosted by ASHRAE. Training and documentation on these websites can be found on the Technical Committees Training page.   


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Before Creating a Presence:

Why Create a Social Media Presence?

  • Provide a new way for people to engage with your organization.
  • Drive traffic to your website through social posts.
  • Learn more about your audience to tailor your content to fit their interests.
  • Provide a different view into ASHRAE and contribute to the Society’s diversity.

Social Media Development:

  • Voice of social media: Show personality in a professional tone. Be personable, not just promotional.
  • Goal of your page: Further Society’s mission and enhance ASHRAE’s global reach.
  • Suggested frequency of posts: 1-3 posts a week.
  • Utilize hashtags: Users can follow specific hashtags, so be sure to incorporate hashtags into your posts. Society’smain hashtag is #MyASHRAE, which you are encouraged to use in any of your related posts.
  • Be mindful of commercialism. ASHRAE has a commercialism policy so avoid advertising any products on your social media accounts.
  • Use Images, Photos, and Graphics: You don’t need to have graphic design experience to have an eye-catching post. ASHRAE has several free and easy-to-use templates for the most common social posts. They can be accessed on Marketing Central under Canva Templates.

Creating a Social Media Account:

  • Profile Picture: For chapter pages. Chapters are encouraged to use logos provided by ASHRAE's marketing department. This ensures they are properly sized and within the ASHRAE brand guidelines. 
  • Enhance your bio. Utilize the “About” sections within each platform. An effective account bio/about section should be able to convey your mission, showcase personality while staying professional and prompt the follower to take an action (i.e. contact you, like your content, follow your page). Include a website within your bio/about sections to increase website traffic.
  • Be consistent. When creating social media pages, be sure to stay as consistent as possible when you are choosing your account handle and naming your pages (i.e. @ashraesociety).
  • Build your social media dream team. When building your social media team, assign page roles (Facebook) and grant access accordingly, to ensure you always have access to the page or profile, even as volunteer roles change.  The social media team should respond to comments/messages in a timely manner.
  • Linking posts. When you incorporate URLs to your posts, you will be able to see more insights into your postperformance.
    • Facebook/LinkedIn/Twitter: Incorporate the website link directly in your post so users can click within the post
    • Instagram: Avoid putting URLs in your caption – they aren’t clickable or user friendly. Use a “Link in Bio” website to accommodate multiple links. Linktree is a great option and easy to navigate.


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The ASHRAE typography is an integral part of the logo brand identity. The ASHRAE logo font is the Akzidenz Grotesk font family and is used for ASHRAE branded-materials by ASHRAE's Marketing Department. If this font is not available to you, use Arial or contact ASHRAE's Marketing Department for guidance. When working with typefaces (fonts), let legibility be your guide in terms of point size, column width, reversing type (on color fields or images), overprinting on images, etc.