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Securing Our Future: Addressing the Critical Issues of the Day

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ASHRAE Global HVAC&R Summit Final Report


The ASHRAE Global HVAC&R Summit – a key element of 2022–2023 ASHRAE President Farooq Mehboob’s vision for his Society year theme, “Securing Our Future” – was designed to create an environment of collaboration and strategic dialogue to address the critical issues of the day, which were determined via the results of an international survey developed and distributed by the ASHRAE Associate Society Alliance (AASA). The excellent response to the survey revealed a strong consensus regardless of geographical location as well as the following six critical issues:

  • Decarbonization
  • IEQ/Wellness
  • Climate Crisis Mitigation
  • Food Security—The Cold Chain
  • Energy Security
  • Workforce Development

The 6 keynote speakers and 72 delegates to the Summit were selected to represent every segment of the HVAC&R industry, every geographical area of the globe, and every economic condition. This diverse assembly created a consensus-based environment allowing us to talk with one voice in a forward-thinking manner. The ultimate goal of the Summit was to develop action plans we all can endorse, thereby making our planet a better place for all. This report details the selection of the Summit speakers and delegates as well as the action plans for the major issues determined for each of the six critical issues of the day.