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Diversity Equity and Inclusion In ASHRAE

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  • Upcoming Forum | Las Vegas Meeting

    Caesars Palace
    Monday, January 31, 2022 9:45 AM - 10:45 AM
    Forum | Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and ASHRAE: Does It Really Matter?
    Track: Fundamentals and Applications

    Sponsor: Board of Directors DEI Advisory Subcommittee
    Moderator: Adrienne Thomle, Retired, Reno, NV

    In 2020, ASHRAE established a Proactive Diversity Task Group to recommend programs and initiatives seeking to eliminate all forms of discrimination and social injustice, and proactively drive diversity through all levels within ASHRAE. Some members ask “why?” As an engineering society, shouldn’t ASHRAE be focusing its efforts and that of its volunteers on research and education? What role, if any, should ASHRAE play in diversity in the AEC community and social justice? Is there really a problem that needs to be solved? We want to hear from you: the members. This forum intends to tackle these questions head on.

  • Accomplishments

    The Board of Directors Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Advisory Subcommittee has formed several Task Groups within the subcommittee to address areas where DEI efforts can be applied. The BOD DEI Advisory Subcommittee will constantly review their progress and address any areas where there is greater need for DEI advancement.

    1. BOD DEI Task Group - Procedures/Documents – this group will be responsible for creating an ASHRAE governing document within the Rules of the Board, as well as a Manual of Operations. This group will also expand the ASHRAE Discrimination and Harassment Policy; create recommendations to increase DEI in appointments, honor and awards, TGs, etc.; review the Nominating Committee rules; assist in the draft of an ASHRAE Purchasing Policy statement and create requirements for ASHRAE Research Bidders.
    2. BOD DEI Task Group - Survey Development/Identifying Metrics – this group will be responsible for crafting DEI surveys for members, staff and vendors. This group will collaborate with other organizations and/or companies to develop methods to gauge and track metrics within ASHRAE membership.
    3. BOD DEI Task Group - Program Development/Education – this group will be responsible for communicating the importance and need for DEI in ASHRAE. This group will develop or host DEI programs and provide awareness materials for staff and membership.  They will seek qualified trainers/collaborate with qualified trainers to perform DEI awareness sessions for Board members. This group will also seek authors to publish articles in ASHRAE Insights.

    Executive Secretary of ASHARE signs the CEO action pledge on behalf of ASHRAE to participate in the NIBS CEO Diversity Commitment

    • Commit to building diverse leadership teams (staff & volunteer leadership) 
    • Commit to share best practices
    • Promote this work with association membership
  • DEI ASHRAE Insights

    We are looking for authors who can write topics relating to DEI:

    Call for Authors

Meet the members of the ASHRAE Board of Directors Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Subcommittee:

Andres Sepulveda

Adrienne Thomle
Vice Chair

Devin Abellon

Robin Bryant

Art Giesler

Eileen Jensen

Kishor Khankari

Dunstan Macauley

Richie Mittal

Farooq Mehboob

Steven Sill

Tanisha Meyers-Lisle
Staff Liaison

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