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2024 HVAC&R Student Paper Competition

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Competition Requirements

The submission should be in the format of a scientific paper, using the template available on the competition webpage, with a maximum of 6 pages and including:

Title of the work, the name(s) of the student(s), as first author(s), and the name(s) of the supervisor(s), as second author(s), the affiliations of the authors, i.e. institute(s) with full institution address and e-mail contact(s), and year when the work has been accepted at their university or college.

The paper is due December 8, 2023.

In addition, the subsequently shortlisted entrants shall present their paper to a jury by:

  • Giving a ten-minute oral presentation of their work (optionally using visual aids such as PowerPoint)
  • Preparing an A1 size poster (in portrait format) to be displayed.

Judging Criteria

The jury will be using the following criteria:

  • The relevance and technical rigor of the paper
  • A clear statement of the objective of the work
  • The adequacy of the used methods
  • The validity and reliability of achieved results
  • The innovative character of the work carried out
  • The accuracy of the explanation of the work in written material and in oral presentation
  • The graphical quality of the summary and the presentation
  • The candidate’s ability to argue during the discussion
  • The scientific content and the graphical quality of the poster


  • December 8, 2023 – entrants submit a six-page maximum length paper that is based on an accepted BS or MS thesis.
  • December 18, 2023 – the finalists will be selected, advised, and invited to the next stage.
  • January 4, 2024 – Posters due. The content of the A1-size poster may be used as the basis of a visual presentation to accompany the oral presentation.
  • Week of January 8, 2024  – the finalists give a 10-minute oral presentation virtually.  
  • January 21, 2024 – Winning papers are announced and presented during the Student Program.

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