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Purposes, Scopes of New Standards Under Review, Committees Looking for Members

Purposes, Scopes of New Standards Under Review, Committees
Looking for Members

From eSociety, February 2019

ASHRAE’s new passive building design and zero energy building performance standards are shaping up.

People can join the committees and review their title, purpose and scopes for both.

Both TPSs are under a 30-day public review from Feb. 8 to March 10.

BSR/ASHRAE Standard 227P, Passive Building Design Standard

PURPOSE: This standard provides requirements for the design of buildings that have exceptionally low energy usage and that are durable, resilient, comfortable, and healthy.


2.1 This standard is applicable to all new and existing buildings intended for human occupancy. 2.2 This standard provides requirements for the design and construction of the: building envelope, heating and cooling equipment and systems, ventilation systems, service hot water systems, interior and exterior lighting systems, and plug and appliance loads.

2.3 This standard does not provide requirements for the operation, maintenance, or use of buildings.

2.4 This standard does not apply to process related systems or equipment.

2.5 This standard shall not be used to circumvent any safety, health, or environmental requirements.

BSR/ASHRAE Standard 228P, Standard Method of Evaluating Zero Energy Building Performance

PURPOSE: This standard sets requirements for evaluating whether a building or group of buildings meets a definition of “zero energy.” It provides a consistent method of expressing qualifications for zero energy buildings associated with the design of new buildings and the operation of existing buildings.


2.1 This standard covers:

a. existing buildings, new buildings, groups of buildings, or portions of buildings; and

b. determination, including calculation methodology, and expression of the building(s) zero energy status using performance metrics defined in ASHRAE Standard 105, Standard Methods of Determining, Expressing, and Comparing Building Energy Performance and Greenhouse Gas Emissions, or by the authority having jurisdiction;

c. transportation within the zero energy building or group of buildings; and

d. plug loads for electric vehicles.


2.2 The provisions of this standard do not apply to:

a. Establishment of building energy performance goals or limits;

b. Design guidance or design requirements ;

c. Embodied energy of building materials and systems; and

d. Transportation to and from a building such as services and business travel.

TPSs for public comment can be accessed by going to ASHRAE’s website at:

To obtain a paper copy of any TPS draft, contact:
Attn: Standards Section
1791 Tullie Circle NE
Atlanta, GA 30329-2305


Paper copies are available for $35 per copy if 100 pages or fewer and $45 if over 100 pages.

Persons who are interested in serving on these ASHRAE committees are asked to indicate their interest and obtain the necessary membership forms by clicking on the following link: or by contacting Steve Ferguson:

1791 Tullie Circle, N.E.
Atlanta, GA 30329

phone: 678-539-1138; fax: 678-539-2138; email