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New Data Center Course

New Data Center Course to Premier in Lisbon

ASHRAE will present a new data center course in Lisbon on November 20 in cooperation with the Portugal Chapter.

“Data Center and IT Equipment Design Guidance from ASHRAE TC 9.9 for Engineers, IT Professionals and Facility Staff” will be an update of existing data center courses.

Demand for IT services that are lower cost, more energy efficient, provide more storage, and offer more computing capabilities results in continued, significant changes in hardware, and as a result its operating conditions. According to Dustin W Demetriou, a member of ASHRAE TC 9.9 Mission Critical Facilities, this updated course will examine best practices by focusing on ASHRAE’s evolving thermal guidelines for data processing environments, telecommunications, and actual high-density data centers in operation today. “While there are opportunities to save energy in data centers,” Demetriou said, “understanding of equipment trends, performance measurements, and effectiveness are critical to the principal objective: Data integrity.”

The course will cover Load Growth, Data Center & IT Basics, Facilities Air Cooling Architecture, Thermal Guidelines, Liquid Cooling, Measurements, Hardware Basics and Trends, IT Equipment and Data Center Impact, Hardware Testing and Validation, Networking Equipment, Data Center Infrastructure Management, Environmental Envelopes, CFD Modeling.

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