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Neither participating in a preparatory activity nor purchasing a publication is a requirement for participating in the BEAP program. Resources available to help prepare for the BEAP examination include, but are not limited to, the following:

Resources for BEAP Exam Preparation

ASHRAE Guidelines & Standards

  • Standard 15 - Safety Standards for Refrigeration Systems
  • Standard 34 - Designation and Safety Classifications of Refrigerants
  • Standard 41.1 - Standard Method for Temperature Measurement
  • Standard 41.7 - Method Test for Measurement of Flow of Gas
  • Standard 55 - Thermal Environmental Conditions for Human Occupancy
  • Standard 62.1 - Ventilation and Acceptable Indoor Air Quality
  • Standard 90.1 - Energy Standard for Buildings Except Low Rise Residential Buildings
  • Standard 100 - Energy Conservation in Existing Buildings
  • Standard 105 - Standard Method of Measuring and Expressing Building Energy Performance
  • Standard 134 - Graphic Symbols for Heating, Ventilating, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Systems
  • Standard 154 - Ventilation for Cooking Operations
  • Standard 169 - Climatic Data for Building Design Standards
  • Standard 170 - Ventilation for Health Care Facilities
  • Standard 180 - Standard Practice for Inspection and Maintenance of Commercial Building HVAC Systems
  • Standard 189.1 - Standard for Design of High Performance Green Buildings
  • Standard 211 - Standard for Conducting Commercial Building Audits
  • Guideline 10 - Interactions Affecting the Achievement of Acceptable Indoor Environments
  • Guideline 11 - Field Testing of HVAC Controls Performance
  • Guideline 12 - Minimizing the Risk of Legionellosis with Building Water Systems
  • Guideline 14 - Measurement of Energy and Demand Savings
  • Guideline 22 - Instrumentation for Monitoring of Chilled Water Plant Efficiency
  • Guideline 32 - Sustainable High Performance Operation and Maintenance

ASHRAE Learning Institute (ALI) Archived, Online Courses

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Resources Available from Other Organizations

Please see Table 9 in Appendix C: Building Energy Auditor Job Task Analysis, Abbreviated in the BEAP Candidate Guidebook for a detailed list.