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World Refrigeration Day


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World Refrigeration Day

World Refrigeration Day, June 26, 2019

World Refrigeration Day celebrates the people and technologies responsible for creating and maintaining the world we live in, a world dependent upon temperature-controlled environments. Centered around June 26, the event is supported globally by industry, professional groups, scientific and engineering associations, as well as by governments and individuals.

‘Next Generation Cooling’ will focus on the future of cooling technology, the industry, the people working within it, and those that benefit from cooling.  Building upon last year’s theme ‘Cooling Matters’, this year’s campaign will look forward with the aim of raising awareness of how the modern cooling industry is adapting and evolving to meet the challenges and opportunities the sector faces providing the increasing demand for low carbon cooling and heating solutions in a warming climate.

We encourage the whole refrigeration, air-conditioning, and heat-pump industry to join us in celebrating World Refrigeration Day 2023.

Ways to Celebrate WRD

pdf_icon.png Ideas for Celebrating

ASHRAE and UNEP OzonAction encourage the industry to use the opportunity of WRD to raise awareness and understanding of the significant role that the industry, its science and its technology play in modern life and society in a safe and responsible manner that is fully compliant with local restrictions and aligned to all safety measures.

ASHRAE chapters, companies, governments, associations, and individuals that wish to celebrate World Refrigeration Day may wish to consider one or more of the following ideas:

1.   Printed Posters at relevant shops (Supermarkets, Groceries, etc.)
2.   Sticky or magnetic stickers for distribution at supermarket checkouts
3.   TV/Radio interviews with local experts and government officials
4.   Newspaper Articles
5.   Virtual Tours – of Cold Chain industry facilities:
           •  Food & Beverage factories
           •  Large Supermarkets
           •  Logistic hubs (Cold storage and refrigerated transport)
6.   Online Competitions (for youth and/or public) which can include: Q&A type competitions, logo design, Radio/TV quizzes, etc.
7.   Technical Webinars

Next Generation Cooling: UNEP 2023 WRD Campaign

 Press Release: ASHRAE Pledges Support for World Refrigeration Day

This year's theme, "Next Generation Cooling," highlights the need for innovative and sustainable cooling solutions that can meet the increasing demands of our rapidly changing world. ASHRAE emphasizes the importance of next generation cooling technologies to address global challenges and promote sustainable practices.

And of course, Next Generation Cooling requires an expanded and skilled workforce – men and women working in various capacities wherever cooling is used – meaning everywhere. The cooling industry needs to recruit, train and retain people equipped with the knowledge and experience that a modern, forward-thinking industry requires.

Cooling Keeps Food Fresh: UNEP 2022 WRD Campaign

 Press Release: ASHRAE To Observe World Refrigeration Day

A global campaign launched by United Nations Environment Programme OzonAction, Chefs4thePlanet and Global Food Cold Chain Council celebrating World Refrigeration Day to raise awareness of cooling technologies that reduce food loss and promote climate security.

Cooling Champions: Cool Careers for a Better World: UNEP 2021 WRD Campaign

 Press Release: ASHRAE Present Co-Organized World Refrigeration Day Webinars

List of campaign partners with their career webinar topics:

1. EPEE Sustainability 10. IIR Heat Pumps
2. FAIAR IAQ 11. IIR AiCARR Careers
3. IIR CAR Careers 12. U-3ARC Cold Chain
4. U-3ARC Diversity 13. ISHRAE Cold Chain
5. ISHRAE Diversity 15. ISHRAE Refrigerants 
6. UNEP Women 16. UNEP Refrigerants
7. FAIAR Cold Chain 17. IIR CAR Data Centers
8. ASHRAE NIK Technologies 18. ISHRAE District Cooling 
9. ASHRAE Cold Chain

Email Steve Comstock to view presentations for each careers webinar

Cold Chain 4 Life: UNEP 2020 WRD Campaign

 Press Release: ASHRAE Supports World Refrigeration Day 2020

Infographics, Posters and Stickers

To illustrate the importance of the Cold Chain, here are infographic-type flyers available to download for printing or sharing.

Also available are files from which posters and stickers in the UN languages can be printed.

International Webinar - Cold Chain 4 Life

View Webinar Recording    |     LEARN MORE

World Refrigeration Day 2019: Refrigerants 4 Life Resources

 Press Release: ASHRAE Celebrates World Refrigeration Day

Refrigerants 4 Life Webinar

A 90-minute webinar during which experts present the overall global picture of policies, research, and trends of using refrigerants in different applications can be viewed here:

View Webinar

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