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Global Training Center for Building Excellence – Dubai

Customized Training for the Middle East & North Africa Region

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Global Training Center Training Schedule




Air-to-Air Heat Recovery Fundamentals and Applications (MENA)



Commercial Building Energy Audits (MENA)



Commissioning Process in New & Existing Buildings (MENA)



Designing for IAQ: Complying with Requirements of Standard 62.1 (MENA) (October 3, 2018)


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NEW! The Future of Refrigerants: Challenges and Opportunities (MENA)



High Performing Healthcare Facilities, Design Consideration & Applications



HVAC Design Essentials (MENA) (November 4–6, 2018)


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Standard 90.1: HVAC/Mechanical Design and Appendix G (MENA) (October 3, 2018)


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Understanding Standard 189.1-2014 for High-Performance Green Buildings (MENA)



Variable Refrigerant Flow Systems: Design & Applications (MENA)







HVAC Design Essentials
1-Day Training
$ 757.00 USD
$ 311.00 USD
$ 948.00 USD
$ 405.00 USD

*Group pricing available for 3+ registrants. For information, contact Ayah Said at


Omar Abdelaziz, Ph.D., Member ASHRAE

Karim Amrane, Ph.D., Member ASHRAE

Walid Chakroun, Ph.D., P.E., Fellow ASHRAE

Hesham Safwat, Ph.D., Member ASHRAE

Samir Traboulsi, Ph.D., P.Eng., Fellow Life Member ASHRAE

Hassan Younes, Member ASHRAE

PDHs and Continuing Education Credits

All courses are eligible for Professional Development Hours (PDHs). Credits correspond to the hours of instruction. These credits are recognized by the ASHRAE Global Training Center for Building Excellence.

About ASHRAE Learning Institute

The ASHRAE Learning Institute (ALI) provides instructor-led training through a wide range of professional development seminars and short courses. ALI training provides high-quality, authoritative and credible technical information, with all content developed through a peer-review process. ALI instructors are ASHRAE Members, college or university faculty, and/or full-time professional engineers.

Get In-Depth, Practical Knowledge to Succeed

ASHRAE established the Global Training Center for Building Excellence to create and deliver regularly scheduled high-quality curricula based training that is conveniently available and relevant to the needs of practitioners in the Middle East & North Africa (MENA). Located in Dubai, UAE, the center is the first ASHRAE training center established outside of Society Headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia, USA.

Trainings offered in the center are customized and scalable, accounting for climate, culture, suppliers, energy sources, prices, codes and construction practices for the MENA region. The center’s instructors are practicing engineers familiar with HVAC&R complexities of the Middle East.

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