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ASHRAE’s Engineering Adventures Series

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Join Lucy on her Engineering Adventures!

These rhyming picture books introduce children to building and HVAC engineering through the various outings of a curious young girl, Lucy. Help her find unique solutions to STEM problems and see if you’d like to be an engineer too!

This series was developed by ASHRAE’s Student Activities Committee as part of their goal to promote and encourage engineering and HVAC&R careers.

Lucy's Engineering Adventure

“How do they work? Why don’t they fall?
What lights them up? Do they need to be tall?”

In the first book of the series, Lucy visits an unfinished building, where her father uses a metaphor of the human body to explain the building's beams and columns, electrical system, and HVAC ducts.

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Lucy Goes Green

In the second book of the series, Lucy goes with her classmates on a field trip to a sustainable farm, where they learn about storing energy using solar panels and windmills and recycling water through rainwater collection.

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