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How To Join Project Committees

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If you would like to participate in the development of ASHRAE standards and guidelines through service on a project committee, see the information listed below. The application form can be accessed by clicking ”Apply to a Project Committee” under the “Technical Resources” drop down at the top of this page

word_icon.png Project Committee Membership: The Application Process (February 2023)

Online Membership Forms and Instructions  

  1. The ASHRAE Standards Committee is primarily responsible for directing the ASHRAE standards and guidelines program. This committee of volunteers is elected by the Board of Directors to be representative of different standards interest groups and is supported by a staff guided by the ASHRAE Senior Manager of Standards (SMOS).
  2. ASHRAE project committees (PCs), which are established and supervised by the ASHRAE Standards Committee, are continually in the process of developing new standards and guidelines and revising current ones so that they reflect technical advances in the areas they cover.
  3. The Standards Committee, upon recommendation of the Planning, Policy and Interpretations Subcommittee (PPIS), votes to approve the title, purpose and scope of the proposed standard or guideline and to establish a PC; i.e., a Standard Project Committee (SPC) or a Guideline Project Committee (GPC).
  4. The Chair of the Standards Project Liaison Subcommittee (SPLS) appoints an SPLS Liaison to the Project Committee.
  5. The title, purpose and scope, and an invitation for PC membership applications, is placed in the ASHRAE Standards Actions. ANSI, the trade press and affected organizations are also notified.
  6. Interested respondents must submit an application.
  7. A potential chair, who must be an ASHRAE member, considers the applications received and recommendations by the cognizant Technical Committee or other appropriate ASHRAE committee.
  8. SPLS and Standards Committee approve the PC chair.
  9. The Standards Coordinator forwards completed applications to the PC chair.
  10. The PC chair recommends individuals knowledgeable in the discipline(s) of the proposed standard or guideline as voting or nonvoting members of the PC, drawing upon applications received and recruitment. The group of candidates recommended for voting membership, usually between 5 and 19, includes a balance of producer, user and general interests.
  11. SPLS approves the members.
  12. The Standards Coordinator advises the PC chair and each member of his/her selection as a member of the PC or if the application has been declined.
  13. The PC begins work. Advice and guidance with respect to procedures and organization may be sought at any stage of the work from the SPLS Liaison or the Manager of Standards.