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ASHRAE Foundation Funding Request

Funding Request

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ASHRAE Foundation Funding Request Form

The ASHRAE Foundation Board of Trustees will consider funding requests if discretionary funds are available and the program/project furthers the mission of ASHRAE.  Please submit only fully completed requests. 

All funding requests are equally considered and will be scored in accordance with the ASHRAE Foundation Funding Guidelines. Please click here to review the criteria considered during the approval process. 

Program / Project Name:
Program Beginning Date:
Program Ending Date:
Total Budget / Cost:
Annual Expense or One-Time Expense?
Currently Funded?
If Yes, General Fund or Other?
Brief Description of Program:
Please explain how the funds are going to be used? How will funding help address the need?
Does this support the Strategic Plan? If so, briefly explain:
Have you previously received funding from the ASHRAE Foundation? If so:
How much? How was the money used?
What was the outcome of the funding?
How did the funding help to better serve your constituents?
Program Manager (contact person) Name / Title / Phone #
Council Chair, Committee Chair, or Current ASHRAE Society President:
Once request is received, you will be contacted by a member of the Development staff.