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ASHRAE Vision 2030 and Beyond

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Vision 2030 Mission Statement

As a global society, ASHRAE guides and shapes the built environment for the advancement of human wellbeing through education, research, and standards advancements for our modern world.

Technology will improve every aspect of the built environment with an integrated community of buildings and the energy systems that support our daily lives.  Our built environment will be adaptable and resilient to best serve the occupants with efficient, healthy, safe, and secure, indoor environments.  The data-driven buildings industry, through innovation and ingenuity, will drive our buildings to increasingly higher performance.  Integrating intelligent design, construction, and operation will transform tomorrow’s built environment.

ASHRAE is committed to lead, serve, and provide all professionals in the buildings industry the resources and knowledge to continually drive the innovative and strategic improvements needed during this revolution of our built environment. 

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  • Connected

    Connected, Resilient, Sustainable Communities

    Energy Master Plans at Community Level  
    Smart City- Challenges and Approach to Address Them
      |  Hybrid Workplace

    The Team:

    • Manish K Sharma
    • Dru Crawley                 
    • Chandra Sekhar
    • Jiri Skopek
    • Drew Perrin

    The Vision: Communities are a microcosm of the larger cities that they are part of. resilience, sustainability, more flexible and hybrid workspaces, healthy and vibrant community where people live, work or meet and businesses thrive.

  • Built

    Built Environment

    Zero Carbon   Resiliency   Indoor Environmental Quality

    The Team:        

    • Robin Bryant
    • Jiri Skopek
    • Dan Nall
    • Lan Chi Nguyen Weekes
    • Tim McGinn

    The Vision: The Built Environment, as a vital component of connected communities need to provide resilient, liveable, and beautiful places to live, work, shop and commune with humankind. Transformation of the new and existing building stock is necessary to ensure a decarbonized future. Providing sustainable, flexible, comfortable, safe and resilient indoor places with incomparable indoor environmental quality is critical for mankind to thrive.

  • Member

    Member Services

    Virtual Resources for Members   Enable and Leverage the Value of ASHRAE’s Professional Network  
    Advanced Training for a Connected World Leveraging ASHRAE’s Strengths  Share Your Thoughts

    The Team:        

    • Chris Gray
    • Lan Chi Nguyen Weekes
    • Chip Branscum
    • Joe Noworatzky
    • Michael Cooper

    The Vision: ASHRAE’s Mission is to serve humanity by advancing the arts and sciences of heating, ventilation, air conditioning, refrigeration and their allied fields. ASHRAE executes this mission through their membership and their connections with volunteers across the built-environment industry. ASHRAE’s members make up their core customer base for the technical materials it develops; thus, the way ASHRAE serves its members must evolve on the pathway to 2030 as the industry evolves. The Member Services subgroup of the Vision 2030 ad-hoc analyzed how ASHRAE should serve its membership over the next decade including what it should continue to do, what it does currently that should change and what it should stop doing to serve its members most effectively.

    What do you think?
    We would like to hear your thoughts on this vision as it relates to Member Services and where YOU see the value in ASHRAE. Use the Share Your Thoughts link to let us know.


  • Resources

    Building Our New Energy Future

    Learn how you too can help Build Our New Energy Future

    If you are a buildings professional, it is highly likely you will experience significant changes in your professional practice during your career. That’s because a rapid evolution is underway in the electricity sector that will also have a significant impact on the buildings sector. As a critical organization for buildings professionals, ASHRAE and its members must take an active role in the ongoing changes that will create this new energy future.

    This document is intended to explain the issues and terminology, as well as the challenges and opportunities, associated with changes underway in the electricity sector that affect buildings professionals.


    Knowledge Portal: The ASHRAE Digital Lighthouse and Industry 4.0

    In support of this year's theme, ASHRAE has prepared a comprehensive list of ASHRAE resources to support the 2020-21 Society theme of The ASHRAE Digital Lighthouse and Industry 4.0.

    Enter the Portal

    ASHRAE Moves to New Global Headquarters

    Focusing on the Society’s 2020-21 theme, “The ASHRAE Digital Lighthouse and Industry 4.0, the headquarters incorporates several digitally connected solutions. The building will be fully net-zero energy by March 2021 upon the completion of the photovoltaic (PV) system installation.

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    Coronavirus (COVID-19) Response Resources from ASHRAE and Others

    ASHRAE has published two statements to define guidance on managing the spread of COVID-19 with respect to the operation and maintenance of HVAC systems in buildings. ASHRAE recommends operators continue to run systems during this time to help control the spread of the virus. Read the official statements and affiliated guidance on ASHRAE's official COVID-19 page.

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